Nursery; Update

Not too long ago I wrote all about Kory’s first day at nursery and how he found it. Kory’s first day at nursery He’s been attending nursery for 2 weeks now so I thought I’d give you all a little update and let you all know how he’s been finding it.

So I’m pretty pleased with how Kory has been getting on at nursery. He had a great first day and not much has changed since then really, he’s settled in a bit more in some ways but not in others. The first day I took Kory to nursery, he didn’t mind when I left him but now he doesn’t seem to like it. He started to get upset when I leave but I think that’s because he knows what’s going to happen next after I’ve walked in the classroom with him so he expects it. It’s understandable that he gets upset, he’s only 2 years old and I’m his mum, he’s used to being with me but rest assured, I always ring the nursery when I get home after dropping him off there and they always reassure me that he soon calms down.

His teacher tells me that he’s actually doing really well. He’s started to calm down a bit quicker after each time I’ve left and he’s allowing himself to enjoy his time there more. She also says that Kory loves to play, he’s got very good social skills, he can play well with other children as well as on his own and he’s good at sharing. She said he’s keen to learn and he’s keeping up the potty training whilst he’s there too.

Kory is currently learning all about ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear.’ I think it’s great that nursery keep us informed of what’s happening day to day and let us know what they’re learning about so that when they’re at home, it’s something we can help learn them too.

Here is a picture of a colouring Kory did. His first piece of school work!

Proudly displayed on the fridge!

I’m glad Kory is enjoying nursery, not only is it good for Kory but that time he’s out of the house gives me some time to get any jobs that I need doing done. But my favourite part of the school day is when I get to pick Kory up, give him a big squeeze and ask him all about his day. He’s always really happy to see me. After a school day when I bring Kory home, he is usually more clingy than usual for the rest of the day which I think is because he doesn’t want me to leave him again but that also seems to be settling down with each day that he attends nursery.

I’m so glad we made the decision to send Kory to this nursery. It’s not always been easy, sometimes I look at him and just think you’re far too young and small in my eyes to be wearing a uniform and going to nursery and when he’s got upset I’ve just felt like taking him back home with me and when I have to leave him in that state, it upsets me too but this is all for his own good at the end of the day and that’s what I have to keep reminding myself. The staff at the nursery are all really nice and have been very helpful and reassuring towards us and Kory seems to love it. Just not the leaving part!

But we’re working on that.

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