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I feel like the worst mum ever

I feel like the worst mum ever.

Today Kory had been crying none stop for like an hour. I didn’t know what was wrong with him and nothing I did seemed to be working. I thought maybe he might be warm (the weather has been pretty stuffy today) so I stripped him off.

That didn’t work.

I lay with him and tried getting him to take a nap but apparently he wasn’t tired.

I thought he might have wanted a drink but he didn’t and would throw his cup on the floor whenever I offered it to him.

He wasn’t hungry as we’d not long since ate breakfast.

He had plenty of toys out to play with and even when I got down to play with him he was still upset.

I didn’t know what was wrong him! I had tried everything I could think of to make him feel better but nothing I did was working!

It turns out Kory just wanted his mummy to hold him…

How did I not know that?! How did I not know that that’s what he wanted? Why didn’t I just try that?

Kory hardly ever wants to be held and he didn’t reach his arms out to me for me to pick him up like he usually would which is why holding him wasn’t my first idea to try. I know sometimes this parenting thing can just be trial and error but I’m his mum and I should have known what he wanted!

I’m so annoyed at myself, I feel like the worst mum ever right now.

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