Sleep training

Lately Kory will only take naps during the day if i get in his bed with him. It’s not always that Kory needs to take a nap, most days he goes all day without napping but some days, for example on days when he’s been to nursery and he’s extra tired, he needs to take a nap otherwise he will be ready for bed by 4pm! Kory will go down to sleep in his own bed at night just fine but if he wakes in the middle of the night (which he usually does!) he will only go back to sleep if either one of us gets in bed with him.

I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, what’s wrong with that?

Well, i’ve already got a shit ton of stuff to be getting on with during the day without having to lay down in bed until Kory finally decides to give in and take a nap and the broken sleep at night is slowly starting to kill me off. Kory wakes at least once every night without fail and I don’t know why, this is not something he’s always done and it’s not like he actually wakes for anything in particular, sometimes he wakes for a drink which is right next to him anyway but mostly he’s just tossing and turning in his sleep and waking himself in the process. Once Kory’s awake he won’t settle himself back off to sleep, he needs me or his dad to get in his bed and sleep beside him which is sweet an all but I’d just like it if my 2 year old could go to sleep and sleep straight through till morning. Not only that but once I’m in Kory’s single bed with him, I hardly sleep anyway. It’s like sleeping next to a star fish!

So I decided to start sleep training him.

I didn’t like the idea of letting Kory cry it out so I stay with him until he falls asleep in his own bed so he feels safe and secure and then make sure I leave without nodding off myself or disturbing him. But let me tell you, I’m finding this whole ‘sleep training’ malarky bluddy hard on my own! My partner is at work during the day so I can’t really expect him to help with the sleep training at night when he has to get up for work first thing in the morning the next day. The lack of sleep, constantly feeling so tired and still trying to enforce routine is starting to take its toll. It would be so much easier to just carry on as we are and let Kory continue to wake and for one of us to then get in his bed with him but I know in the long run getting him used to sleeping in his own bed is for his own good as well as ours.

Kory has slept through the night in his own room from being 6 months old, he’s always been a good sleeper so I don’t know why this has started happening which only makes me feel guilty when it comes to sleep training him.

Has this started because of something I’ve done?

Maybe he just wants to be near his mum and dad?

I love sleeping next to Kory, I feel really close to him and it’s like he’s my baby again… But I think in the long run sleep training him is for his own benefit, he needs to break the habit of sleeping with us and learn to sleep in his own room, in his own bed by himself.

Am I doing the right thing? Have any of you been through something similar and have had to sleep train your child?

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