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Pumpkin hunt

Today we went on a pumpkin hunt at a place called Damhouse near where we live.

Damhouse is a historic Manor House surrounded by beautiful grounds, it also has a tea room and a coffee lounge. There is always different events taking place at Damhouse; from farmers markets, craft fairs, Easter egg hunts and so much more. There’s always something happening here to please the whole family.


The pumpkin hunt cost just £2.50 per child. We had to walk around the grounds spotting the spooky pumpkins in and around the woodland and each pumpkin had a picture on it and that picture was assigned a letter. We had to fill in our piece of paper until we had found each letter and then we had to work out what word the letters spelled out. It was a lot of fun and all the children got a prize!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Kory enjoying a cupcake from a stall!

Thanks for reading! Have you been anywhere/done anything during the autumn half term?

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