Halloween 2018

I’m sorry this post is a bit late, I’ve not been feeling too good lately so have only just got round to writing it. I just really wanted to let you all know what we got up to over Halloween.

We started our day by decorating the house. Something I’ve never done for Halloween before because I’ve never really had a reason to. For the previous 2 Halloween’s Kory had only been small and before that I had no children so it wasn’t something I really participated in but this year we thought it might it be nice to decorate the house for Kory. So we did. We didn’t decorate it too scary as I didn’t want to frighten Kory but we made the house look just a little bit spooky. It was spooky enough for the trick or treaters to come knock on anyway – more on that later!

As you can see from the picture we put up some decorations. We also had a cobweb in the window with a big spider on it, a spider sticking out of the hanging basket at the side of the front door, tape going all along the fence in the front garden, pumpkins and a black cat. Kory loved joining in with the decorating and didn’t seemed phased by the Halloween decorations at all!

Next up, we decorated pumpkins! Now I’m going to be honest, I am rubbish at carving pumpkins. So, we decorated ours using stickers instead. It was something new and different for us try out and Kory had a lot of fun doing this activity too.

And here are the results!

I decorated my pumpkin as a cat (obviously! Crazy cat lady over here…) I don’t know what Rory’s pumpkin was meant to be… A scarecrow maybe? And Kory wanted a paw patrol pumpkin. Not your typical ‘Halloween’ pumpkins but they looked pretty good to me!

After tea we started to get ready for trick or treating. Kory dressed up as Frankenstein this year (the cutest Frankenstein I’ve ever seen!) And I even joined in with the fancy dress too!

We didn’t want to take Kory trick or treating too late because we know how he starts to get tired and we’d also bought candy to give out to trick or treaters ourselves. So, as soon as it started to go dark, we headed out. Last year we took Kory trick or treating for the first time, he didn’t really understand what was going on, we took him door to door and spoke for him but this year, he soon got the hang of it! It wasn’t long before he wanted to knock on every door, scary decorations up or not, he would knock on himself and hold out his bucket to collect the sweets. He still he wouldn’t say trick or treat but he did say thank you!

(Sweets for the trick or treaters)

Once we’d got back home, it was our turn to answer the door to trick or treaters. Kory enjoyed answering the door to them and handing out sweets. Just not his own! This year we had the most trick or treaters we’ve ever had! I think it might have had something to do with the house being decorated. We had that many that we ended up running out of sweets! At least I’ll know to buy double for next year!

Thanks for reading all about our Halloween and what we got up to. Is Halloween something that you and your family join in with?

If so, I’d love to hear all about it.

4 thoughts on “Halloween 2018

    1. Aw thank you! It was a fun day and thanks again! There’s so many great pumpkin ideas on Pinterest. Might try painting next time! X


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