November, the last month of Autumn… And I have decided to set myself some goals for the upcoming month. In my head, I had a lot I wanted to accomplish in October but I feel like I didn’t get round to doing much of it. Writing down goals that I want to achieve helps to keep me motivated and productive. And I hope that by sharing my goals with you, you as my reader feel like you can connect with me better.

  • Goal for myself: Stop stressing! Lately I’ve felt swamped, just with everything. Home life, life in general, being a mum, a partner and just trying to make a real go of working from home. I didn’t realise how stressed I was until one day I woke and just felt drained, dizzy, sick, banging headache and didn’t want to get out of bed which is so unlike me. I wasn’t ill, I felt run down. I’d just let everything get on top of me. So this month, I want and have to try to reduce the stress in my life.

Here is my plan:

  • Start the day right and get as much as I can done the night before when Kory is in bed.
  • No working from my phone/checking emails when Kory is awake or when i’m getting ready for bed.
  • Goals as mum: Kory is usually well behaved, he has his moments like any other 2 year old does but lately he’s been really testing me. Shouting, throwing tantrums over the slightest thing, pushing boundaries and just trying to see how much he can get away with. I’ve stuck to my guns and been quite stern with him but it’s taken quite a lot of my energy. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I know that what I’m doing is the right thing because I can see him listening more now, when I used to say no he’d argue with me over it but now he accepts it. But what I think I need to do is to choose my battles carefully. Not everything has to be a lesson.

Here is my plan:

  • Stick to a routine.
  • Have a reward system.
  • Blog goals: When I first started blogging, I soon realised that balancing blogging with family life is a challenge. I’m still struggling to find the perfect balance now! I really want my blog to be a success but I also don’t want to jeopardise family time or be working from my phone or laptop when Kory wants me to play. I think what I need to do is assign blog time to weekdays and evenings when Kory is in bed. Weekends are for family time. I also need to be more consistent with posts and write more regularly.

Here is my plan:

  • Schedule work.
  • Set weekly goals.
  • Write drafts that are ready to be published.
  • Focus on managing blog work better.

I think that’s all for now. Have you set yourself any goals for the upcoming month? I would love to know!

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