Preschool Watch review

What I really like about the Preschool Watch is that it doesn’t have numbers, the animals that go around the face of the watch represent minutes and the different colours shown represent hours. So as soon as your toddler can recognise animals and colours, they can start using the Preschool Watch and learn to tell the time which meant Kory could start using the watch right away!

The idea of the watch is not to tell the time as such but to help toddlers understand the notion of time. For example; ‘When the big hand reaches the rabbit, it’s play time.’ The Preschool Watch also helps with helping your toddler to be more patient and helps your child to establish daily routines.

Here are some simple and effective methods using the watch that can help teach your child the concept of time:

  • First, start by just using the big hand (minutes) to discuss time and when your child feels comfortable, then introduce the small hand (hours)
  • Use the small hand (hours) and the corresponding colours for events happening beyond an hour, for example, ‘we are going to the park in 2 hours’ becomes ‘we are going to the park when the small hand reaches the purple.’
  • Combine the big and small hands together for events happening beyond, but not directly on – an hour. Such as, ‘ your friend is coming to play at 4:30pm’ becomes ‘your friend is coming to play when the small hand is touching the pink and the big hand is on the frog.’

Here are some more helpful ideas on how to use the watch ^^^

The watch states that it’s suitable from ages 3+ Kory is only 2 years of age and obviously can’t tell the time like most other 2-3 year olds and even older kids but he still loves knowing things like that when the big hand reaches the horse, it’s tea time and what all of the other animals represent too. Kory couldn’t wait to try his new watch on and was so excited to show me all of the different animals! For even more fun, we named the dog icon ‘Harley’ after our own dog!

The watch is available in lots of different designs that you can choose from that your child will love! Lauren from the Preschool Collection very kindly sent me one of the blue ‘truck’ Preschool Watches to try with Kory. The watch itself is a hypoallergenic silicone strap, it is certified safe for kids, it is lead and BPA free, it is water resistant (splash proof) and the animal icons even glow up in the dark!

The watches retail at $24.95 and if you’re in the US comes with free shipping. If you’re from the UK like me, the Preschool Watch would cost £19.39 plus shipping and can be purchased from the Preschool Collection website;

You can use promo code CYBERWEEK25 to get an extra 25% off everything until Monday the 26th November!

Your Preschool Watch also comes with one year limited guarantee and if you’re unhappy with the watch, can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. 5% of all profit from each watch sold is donated to organisations improving children’s health and education.

What I love even more about the watch is that the founder and CEO of the Preschool Collection, Lauren, is a mum just like you and I. She was always trying to find a way to explain to her kids when to expect things (aren’t we all!) for example; bath time and when to take a turn but wanted to do so without having to have an argument. (Difficult, right?!) Then one day she had the idea to replace minutes on an analogue watch with animals – something her son already knew and recognised to help him understand time better and to give him a better understanding of when to expect things to happen and it worked! Understanding time suddenly turned from a chore to something fun! Thus, the Preschool Watch was born!

To read more about Lauren’s story and the Preschool Collection, here is the link:

Preschool Collection can be also contacted on the following platforms:





Thanks for reading my review on the Preschool Watch, Kory had a lot of fun trying the watch out and I had a lot of fun teaching him the time! I always thought helping Kory understand time would be a long and difficult process and a bit of a challenge but the Preschool Watch has definitely helped with that and now I’m excited to see him learn more and more about the time with his new watch! I hope you enjoyed reading our thoughts on this brilliant product. Please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments…

* Please note, I recieved this product in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. *

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