My REAL sister

If I had £1 for every time someone said to me ‘ohhh, so she’s not your REAL sister?’ or ‘Oh, so she’s your half sister then?’ I’d be a very rich lady!

I don’t quite understand what is it that people are asking when they say that? She’s real alright… She exists if that’s what you want to know?

Are you asking if we share the same mum? Because yes, we do. Are you asking if we have the same dad? Because no, we don’t. But she’s always been my sister from the day she was born, she’s never been anything but. I’ve never called her half or referred to her as ‘step’ and I think we would both be offended if I did.

We might not look anything alike, we might have two totally opposite personalities and completely different traits from one another but we’ve grown up together. We’ve been on family holidays. We’ve shared memories and good times together. Despite a 10 year age gap, we’ve also argued and fought like cat and dog but we’ve stuck up for each other and had each other’s backs too. She drives me mad, sometimes I could kill her! We’ve been through so much together, I watched my baby sister grow up into a young lady and become my best friend. We’ve ate together, watched movies together, been shopping together, laughed together and even cried together.

She is Kory’s auntie. She isn’t his half auntie or his step auntie. She’s his real auntie (as they would say) and she’s his only ‘real’ auntie too and one day when she has kids of her own, I will love them with every bone in my body as if they were my own kids because they will be my niece or nephew and Kory’s cousin.

So if you’re asking if we have the same mum then the answer is simple;

Yes we do.

And if you’re asking if my sister is my REAL sister…

Yes she is. We’re just like any other sisters, we grew in the same womb, we grew up together, we’re not half sisters, we’re not step sisters. We’re sisters. She’s my sister.

She’s my REAL sister.

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