Christmas party

Today I took Kory to a Christmas party at our local community centre.

It cost us just 50p each to attend (so £1 in total for us both!) And this included a raffle ticket for the chance to win a hamper filled with goodies and 1 of 3 other prizes, a visit to see Santa in his grotto, a present (which was a Christmas book) pop, crisps and chocolate, music and entertainment.

Kory was a bit unsure about stepping into Santa’s grotto, he needed a bit of encouragement from me and Santa’s elf and even once we finally got him to step inside the grotto, he still didn’t want to sit with Santa. But because he’s been such a good boy this year, Santa still gave him a present anyway. Kory couldn’t wait to open his present and was really pleased when he seen that it was a Christmas book all about an elf, he was so excited, he said ‘mummy, look elf!’ So much so that I think will this probably end up being our bedtime story tonight!

The party lasted for an hour and a half and during that time all of the children were kept entertained by the entertainer who I think did a brilliant job! He played games with the children, (musical statues, pass the parcel, ect) he gave out prizes to the children for the best dancer, who was the best at standing still and so on. He also brought out Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man, The Teletubbies, pj masks, lol dolls and even Elf on the Shelf who would all wave at the children, dance with them and who were all available for the children to have their picture taken with if they wanted to.

I don’t know about you but for £1 I think that’s pretty amazing! The book that Kory got from Santa was worth a £1 by itself! I almost felt like I needed to give more money because of how much was put into the Christmas party and a £1 just didn’t seem anywhere near enough.

It is so worth checking out to see if there is anything that is being put on in your own local area by the community. Christmas can be such an expensive time of the year but it doesn’t have to be… As you can see.

We didn’t win the raffle but Kory had a great time and I’m sure all of the other children did too! Thanks for reading!

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