Dogs n Dough

On Friday my Nan and grandad looked after Kory for us why I took Rory to Dogs n Dough in Manchester for an early birthday treat. Tucked away down a little side street just off Bow Lane near Albert Square, Dogs n Dough is an underground bar and diner that can easily be passed by but once you spot the neon side and the menu board out front, you’ll wonder how you ever missed it!

Dogs n Dough specialises in hot dogs and pizzas like you’ve never seen before. You can wash your food down with a whole range of different beers, cocktails, shakes or sodas and their sides are pretty special too; nachos with a side order of chilli? Loaded fries? Yes please! This little hidden treasure has become our new favourite hot spot and we will definitely be visiting again. What we love about Dogs n Dough as much as the tasty food they serve and the great service is the atmosphere. It’s a very chilled out, relaxed environment.

Me and Rory both ordered hot dogs, Rory ordered the Farmageddon hot dog. A hot dog covered in pulled beef, pulled pork, crispy bacon, fried chicken and chilli cheese and I ordered the Funky Chicken hot dog which included cajun fried chicken, bacon, slaw and bbq sauce but I traded the slaw for extra cheese. We also shared a side order of Oinkers, which are curly fries that are smothered in bacon bits and baconnaise and lastly we shared a chilli bowl that came with their own house chilli and doritos for scooping. We each ordered a drink as well, Rory ordered an apple pie milkshake which was so tasty he downed it all in record breaking time, so fast that even the server commented and I ordered myself an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

We ordered all of the above and it only came to just over £20! I felt like we were ripping them off! This was our second time visiting Dogs n Dough and the food was delish as always and with 50% off ALL food every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday throughout the whole of January we’d have been silly to miss out!

It was nice to have some time just the two of us as well, it was definitely well needed. We love our son to bits but dining child free meant that we actually got to sit down, enjoy our meals together and chat without being interrupted every 5 minutes and having to keep getting up to walk around the restaurant with Kory… Because what two year old wants to sit still? Really?

If you’re ever in Manchester City Centre, Dogs n Dough is well worth a visit. For more information, you can head to their website:

* This is not a sponsored post. *

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