Half term

I feel like I haven’t posted anything on here properly for a while but with it being half term here I just haven’t had a minute!

I was really looking forward to half term and spending some time with Kory and planning a few different days out and a few different things for us to do together. We even got lucky with the weather too which meant that we wasn’t limited to activities that are just indoors! So here’s what we’ve been up to since we last spoke…

Me and Kory visited an open farm. We both had a really fun day seeing, holding and touching all the different farm animals and learning all about them too! Kory especially loved the ‘pets corner’ which is something that takes place at the open farm a few times throughout the day, in pets corner they bring different baby animals out to show you and you can touch them and even feed them! It was a lot of fun and I already can’t wait to visit again with Kory.

We’ve been to Southport for the day for fish and chips on the front, ice cream and for a walk along the beach. It was such a lovely day and what made it even better was that Kory’s dad was able to join us as well as he had the day off work.

We’ve been to the park because what 2 year old doesn’t want to go to the park?!

We’ve been for lots of long walks with Harley, our dog, because we can’t leave him out of the fun! And we’ve been for walks with Nan and Grandad too and we’ve even been for a picnic!

It’s not often we get such lovely weather in February so I’ve really tried to make the most of it and to get us out of the house every day even if it’s just for a couple of hours or so for some fresh air. Also have you ever been stuck in the house with a bored 2 year old?! Not fun!

So that’s what we’ve been up to anyway and that’s where I’ve been hiding if you were wondering! We’ve had a pretty busy half term… Has it been half term for your children? If so, have you been anywhere/done anything nice with your little ones over the half term?

I’d love to know!

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