Date day

Over the weekend me and my partner, Rory, had a well needed date day. It had been a while since we had spent any time together just the two of us and it was nice.

I love Kory to pieces but sometimes you just need that time to yourselves to be reminded that you’re not just parents, you’re still a couple too. Which can be hard to remember when it’s been so long since you last spent any time together properly. I remember before we became parents, date days/nights were a weekly occasion and now it’s once every so often when we finally get to do anything together. It’s hard to find the time; work gets in the way, life in general, parenting and before you know it it’s been months since you last did anything or went anywhere as a couple. Not that I would change a single thing about being a parent but when you’ve just been ‘mum’ all day, every day for weeks, it’s nice to be reminded that you’re still an individual too.

We had a really nice day together, we had dinner at Handmade Burger Co the food was delicious and very inexpensive for us as my mum had bought Rory a voucher from Wowcher for 2 to eat here for his birthday in January that we had only just got round to using! So we only had to pay for our sides and drinks. After that we headed into town to do a little bit of shopping and even though Kory wasn’t with us, we still came home with a new toy and some new trainers for him!

We don’t always get to do things like this as much as we’d like to but it’s always really nice when we do.

* This is not a sponsored post. *

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