After weeks of Kory constantly being ‘naughty’ and driving me up the wall, I feel like we have really turned a corner with his behaviour. (Thank god!) I feel like this past week or so he’s sort of calmed down a bit. There hasn’t been half as many temper tantrums, screaming matches or meltdowns and I can’t tell you how happy that has made me!

I don’t know what happened, whether it was a phase of some sort that Kory was going through but I feel like I said nothing but ‘no, don’t do that’ ‘no, kory, stop that’ or ‘no that’s naughty’ every day for around 3 horrible weeks just to be screamed and shouted back at. During that time I found it really hard to parent, I wasn’t enjoying being a mum and I wasn’t enjoying Kory’s company like I normally would have. I would wake up dreading the day and go to bed exhausted and upset every night. I honestly had no idea what I was doing or how to handle it all which didn’t help with my anxiety or my feelings of guilt that I was already burdened with but I knew that I had to do something and as difficult as it was, it must have paid off.

I have no doubt that this dreaded ‘phase’ or whatever it was will return again at some point but right now i’m just gonna enjoy feeling like I’m in control of the situation again and not having to tell Kory off all the time. I know that as Kory’s mum I will always be his parent first and friend second because as his mum it is my job to make sure that as much as I have to allow him to learn and grow by himself, it’s also my job to keep him in line too.

It’s just nice to have my best friend back.

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