Why I want another baby


Kory is 2.7 years old now (Where has that time gone?!) and I can remember going to the hospital and being in labour like it was just yesterday. Many people say you forget about the pain that you endure during delivery and even afterwards over time but I can honestly say that I have not and it’s something that has stuck with me and i’m sort of glad that it has. It’s not an experience i’d like to forget. Even if it wasn’t always pleasant but despite this, this has not put me off wanting just one more baby.

I think i’ve always wanted one more baby. I can remember feeling so overwhelmed after delivering Kory and even crying because the experience was over with, not just out of relief but because I was sad that I would never get to deliver him again. (I can’t explain this one, crazy hormonal women think crazy things!) But that’s how I felt. When I looked at him, touched him, held him and smelled him for the first time everything just faded away, that moment was so special, nothing else in the world mattered and i’ve always craved to feel that again. Watching him grow up has been so bittersweet. It’s been incredible to watch him learn, grow and reach milestones but at the same time, i’ve always felt a little sad too that I won’t get to watch him achieve these things for the first time ever again. I also loved being pregnant and was sad when my bump disapeared even though the baby that I grew was now in my arms. As well as all of this, I’ve always known that I wanted a sibling for Kory to grow up with, play with and share memories with too.

So call me crazy because i’ve already got my hands full with a very adventurous, independent and strong willed 2 year old that drives me up the wall daily but I want another baby and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Newborn babies smell sooo good. New babies just have this heavenly smell and I could just breathe it in all day. I don’t think I stopped sniffing Kory or his clothes for weeks!
  • Snuggles. New babies with their soft, smooth skin sleep a LOT which is the perfect oppurtunity to dose up on those snuggles. Everything else can wait! I’m so glad that I made the most of Kory being little and snuggled him at every chance I got. Now that he’s a constantly on-the-go toddler, the only time I get to snuggle him properly is when he naps – which is never by the way.
  • Newborn babies are the sweetest. Most people will tell you that the newborn stage is the hardest stage; lack of sleep, night feeds, ect and it is tough but don’t listen to those people. I would swap toddler tantrums for night feeds any day of the week! A newborn baby has never screamed at me because I told them that they couldn’t have sweets until they’d ate their dinner…
  • Re-using newborn items again. I kept so many of Kory’s blankets, teddies, clothes and baby grows from when he was a baby. I even kept his prep machine! I’m not one to be wasteful and just felt like I couldn’t part with them so kept them should the time come that I will be able to use them again. Re-using Kory’s old baby grows and clothes would be so cute to see another addition wearing them, being able to take pictures, putting them side by side and looking at the comparisons.
  • Play mate. I would love nothing more than to give my son a friend for life, a play mate and who better than his own sibling!
  • There is no greater love than the love that you have for your children. Parenting has its challenges for sure but the pros far outweigh any cons.

 So call me crazy but I want another baby and those are my reasons why.


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