I’m tired today

I’m tired today but not because of Kory waking for once, or because I got up to use the bathroom or because I was just generally unable to sleep. I’m tired today but for a totally different reason…

Why does inspiration for my blog have to come to me at 4:30am?

Last night I lay awake in bed in the early hours for around an hour and a half just tapping away on my phone like a mad woman, noting down all of the ideas for my blog that had suddenly just popped into my head before I forgot them! After weeks of feeling uninspired, having no motivation to blog regularly and having no idea what to write about on my blog, i’m glad that the inspiration to write and the different ideas came into my head but did it have to be at that time in a morning?!

I’m tired today and I have to say I’m kinda glad that Kory is in nursery this morning just so that I can enjoy a coffee in silence and try to unfrazzle my brain.

When I’m not lay awake in the early hours jotting down blog content ideas, I like to stay inspired in other less, tiring ways. Such as:

  • Reading other blogs
  • Working on my blog on the go from my phone
  • Writing down in a note pad ideas that i’ve had/got
  • Writing about what’s currently happening in my life right now
  • Thinking about where I want my blog to go and what I want to achieve from blogging
  • Reading my previous blog posts from the past and seeing how far I’ve come
  • Sharing my honest experiences with you and asking for advice

All bloggers go through spouts of finding it hard to think of new and different things to write about regularly. So those are just some of the ways that I keep myself feeling inspired and motivated.

Do you ever find yourself feeling uninspired and struggle to think of things to write about when it comes to your blog? What inspires you to continue writing?

P.S. I don’t know why my coffee looks so strange on this picture but I can assure you that it tastes nice!

4 thoughts on “I’m tired today

    1. That’s exactly what happened! I’m glad it’s not just me then! Funny how it comes at the most inconvenient times though isn’t it, I suppose its better than not at all though!

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  1. I also keep little notes in my phone on posts that I want to write. It’s a long list but when I sit down to write I make sure to work on the one that is calling to me most in the moment. My writing is always better when I’m excited about the topic! It’s so weird too how that feeling comes and goes.

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