Eggcited for Easter!

I am so excited for Easter!

I love Easter because for me, it means spending time with my family because Rory has a rare, long weekend at home with us and we usually have lots of nice things for us to do planned but I’m even more excited for Easter this year because Kory is that bit older and he is looking forward to Easter as well. He has been asking me for weeks now when is the Easter bunny coming and will he bring him chocolate eggs if he’s a good boy!

And obviously there’s chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate…

This year, like every year, we plan to have an Easter egg hunt at home for Kory. I’m also going to put on a little buffet for him and we’re going to decorate Easter bonnets together. On Easter Sunday I would usually cook a roast dinner for us but this year, it happens to land on our friend’s birthday so we’re actually going to be going out for a birthday meal instead that evening so that will be a nice change. (No washing up for me at least anyway!) On the Saturday, we are taking Kory to an outdoor Easter egg hunt, it’s the same one we’ve taken him to for the past two years in a row but the grounds where the Easter egg hunt takes place are lovely so it’s a nice walk around for us and Kory really enjoys taking part and he loves being outside too.

We still need plans for Good Friday and bank holiday Monday but I’m sure we’ll be able to sort something out!

So that’s our plan for the Easter weekend so far. What do you like most about Easter and how will you be celebrating?

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