We have been keeping a little secret…

Well, a big secret actually. Our family of 3 is becoming a family of 4!

Kory is being promoted to big brother and we are all over the moon that we will have a baby girl joining the family!

We still can’t believe it, we all feel very lucky and incredibly blessed…

Baby girl due 13th September 2019.

The Lonsdales, xo

12 thoughts on “We have been keeping a little secret…

    1. Thank you! He’s already so excited! And thanks, this pregnancy has been totally different to when I was pregnant with Kory. I had a really smooth pregnancy with Kory and I wish I could say the same this time round but for the first 12 weeks I had horrible morning sickness (something I never had with Kory) and my emotions have been all over the place! But it seems to be settling down a bit down. I’m just glad the morning sickness has gone! X


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