My life recently

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. I know I have been a bit absent from my blog lately, but the truth is I haven’t been around much on social media either.

Honestly, I have no excuse to give you, I’ve just been feeling a bit shitty lately.

I’m finding this pregnancy a lot harder compared to when I was pregnant with Kory, I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve already got a toddler to run around after but I’m just finding it a lot harder this time round. I’m constantly tired, I have no motivation to do anything and I could just cry all day over.

On top of this, I have a horrible chesty cough, a cold that just won’t shift and I pee myself every time I cough or sneeze so I’m not loving life right now.

Not to mention how busy we’ve been trying to get everything prepared for baby number 2’s impending arrival. As some of you are already aware, Kory was born prematurely after my waters spontaneously started to leak and after having a recent consultation at the hospital, it looks like this baby may make an early appearance too as she is already head down and has been since 20 weeks! So not only are we worried about when she may decide to show, we’re trying to make sure that we are prepared for when she does which has proven to be quite hectic for us and our lives have been a lil’ crazy.

I’m really hoping that once things start to settle down I will be able to find some sort of balance and get back to writing blog posts more regularly again. Although I haven’t wrote anything lately, I have still been popping in every day as I love reading all of your updates and posts!

So, that’s been my life recently.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post didn’t bore you too much! I just thought i’d give you guys a quick update incase any of you thought I may have just disappeared off the face of the (blogging) earth which as you now know, I haven’t – I’m just a hormonal pregnant lady who is struggling to keep it together!

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