Sea Life Centre

Yesterday I needed to get Kory out of the house so that Rory could finish decorating the rest of the house ready for us making a start on baby K’s bedroom next weekend (because, well have you ever tried to paint walls with a 2 year old running around? Yeah it’s not the best idea and in between saying ‘don’t touch that paint!’ Or ‘mind those walls!’ You don’t get a great deal done!) so what better way for us both to get out of the way and for me to keep Kory entertained than taking him to see all the different fishes!

So yesterday me and Kory visited the Sea Life Centre in Manchester.

Kory loved it at the Sea Life Centre like I was sure he would. He has two goldfish of his own at home that he takes care of and he loves to watch them swim around their tank too. He’s always asking me questions about them, like how do they breathe in water? Why do they have fins? How do they swim? He is honestly so curious and loves to learn so it wasn’t a surprise to see how fascinated he was yesterday by all the different fishes and their difference in size, colour and shape. Every time we were looking at a new fish he would excitedly say ‘look mum, look!’ And point at the fishes to show me.

Not only did Kory see lots of different types of fish, turtles and sea creatures but he also walked through the shark tunnel, he was very brave and touched a shrimp and a star fish with very little encouragement needed from me and he even met a mermaid!

It was amazing for me to see his little face light up throughout the day. We both really did enjoy ourselves and it was a really nice day. It was a shame that Rory couldn’t join us too but he was able to get the majority of the painting at home done and sometimes it is nice to just have that mum and son time together. Especially since it won’t be long until baby number 2 will be joining us and who knows how often I will be able to share my time solely between them both. (But that’s for another blog post!)

So that’s been our bank holiday Monday. What did you get up to yesterday? Does your child/ren like to visit the aquarium?

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, a lot of the ones I took turned out quite dark as I wasn’t allowed the flash on my camera turned on.)

* This is not a sponsored post. *

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