The differences between my first pregnancy and my second

Discovering I was pregnant again is so exciting for us all. I often wondered how different this pregnancy was going to be compared to my first and it’s been so different in more ways than I ever imagined. Not necessarily different in a ‘bad’ way but different.

Other than bringing another life into our family which we feel incredibly blessed to be able to do, another one of the positives of being pregnant for a second time round is that although this pregnancy has been totally different from when I was pregnant with Kory, it’s because I’ve been pregnant before that I’m able to have more of an understanding this time round, I’m less worried because I know what to expect and in some ways more relaxed.

And in other ways not so much… I already have a toddler to take care of who keeps me very busy and always on my toes and throw being pregnant into the mix as well and that’s probably the reason why I feel so tired this pregnancy. Being pregnant for a second time has been difficult for me. Once I got past the morning sickness (something I never had during my first pregnancy) then came the exhaustion. When I was pregnant with Kory, it was just about me and the bump. I was encouraged to ‘relax’ and ‘take it easy’ and I could do just that, I could put my feet up whenever I felt I needed to or run myself a bubble bath. Where as this time round, I’m still encouraged to do all of those things except it’s not as simple as just putting my feet up, I have to wait until Kory finally goes to bed in the evening before I can even think about parking my backside down at which time I’m usually ready for bed myself and I suppose I could run myself a bubble bath but 9 times out of 10 Kory will want to climb in it with me.

As well as all of that, I feel really bad that I haven’t provided a single update or picture about my pregnancy this time round. When I was pregnant with Kory I documented everything. I posted weekly updates, not just for my family and friends but for myself, I talked about how many weeks pregnant I was and how I was feeling, I shared how big bump was measuring and things that I’d bought for our expectant baby and it’s not that I haven’t done any of those things this time because I don’t care or that I don’t love this baby as much or that I’m not excited but it’s because I just haven’t had the time! Since our pregnancy announcement this is the first blog post that I have wrote and shared that is about this pregnancy and I’m 25 weeks pregnant!

So I think it’s safe to say that there has been many differences between my first pregnancy and my second, some harder and some easier than others and it’s true what they say, no two pregnancies are the same. At least in my case anyway.

What was most different for you in your pregnancy the second time round?

2 thoughts on “The differences between my first pregnancy and my second

    1. Thank you!! And thanks, I think you’re right and I’m okay now I’m past the morning sickness, just tired most of the time! Xx

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