Dads don’t get enough credit

You could argue that us mums have the hardest and most responsible role to take on throughout the pregnancy, birth and even afterwards and we deserve all the support we can get but who supports dads?

If recent events have taught me anything it’s that dads do not get enough credit where it’s due or support. My partner is an amazing person and an amazing father. He works so hard to support us financially and he supported me tremendously through our most recent ordeal. What we went though was in no way any easier for him but unlike me, he didn’t receive any messages of support, no-one checked in on him, no-one asked if he was okay, all the attention seemed to be on myself and the baby and yet despite all of this and how hard it must have been for him as well, he remained strong for me and he did so without any support.

Up until writing this blog post, I hadn’t really given this any thought before.

So to my partner who is always there for me no matter what, who never lets me down or face anything by myself, I see you. And I see all of the other amazing fathers and husbands too. I see that you’ve tidied the house every morning before work while I’ve been on bed rest, I see that you’ve made me breakfast and even dinner and put it in the fridge for me, I see that you took Kory downstairs for me so that I could sleep in, I see that you have played with him and kept him busy when he was getting a bit fussy, I see that despite working hard you have come home and made tea for us, I see that you’ve run me a bath and ordered me to relax, I see how you try to make me laugh when I don’t even feel like smiling, I see the way you see me, how my body and even I as a person have changed but I’ve never doubted that you love me, I see the way you love me and take care of me when I have carried our children and how you would do absolutely anything for us and above everything I see how committed you are to supporting your family and the pain you experienced too after everything we’ve been through.

While not every father is deserving of praise, not let’s forget to give recognition to those ones that are. Let’s not forget to empower fathers too the way that mothers are encouraged to empower each other.

To my partner, I don’t know how I would have got through any of this without you. Thank you for always being by my side.

I see you and everything that you do even if other people don’t.

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