What started off as a pretty crappy day yesterday actually turned out to be a really lovely day.

Yesterday morning Kory had already had about 100 meltdowns before 9:00am. He’d been playing at my mums house the night before and so had a bit of a later than usual bedtime that night and despite this still got up at the crack of dawn the next morning. (That’s why you have a bedtime, kiddo!) So I already knew what I was going to be in for… Kory, like me, is such a grouch when he’s not had enough sleep.

I was dreading being stuck at home with him all day why he climbed the walls to say the least so when my Nan rang and asked did me and Kory want to go to Cleveleys for the day with her and my grandad I eagerly said yes!! And to my surprise once we were there Kory was actually really well behaved too despite still being tired.

In Cleveleys the weather was nice and sunny, we had a walk around and a look in the shops, Kory played in the arcade and we stopped off at a café at dinner time for some fish and chips and a slice of cake! My mum and Nan spoilt Kory AGAIN as per usual because apparently that’s what nans do which obviously Kory was completely fine with and I even treated myself to some new tops for summer.

So I’d say we had a pretty good day. I was glad we got out of the house.

Isn’t it nice when your day totally changes around? So that was our Saturday, did you get up to anything nice yesterday?

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