If you haven’t heard of this term already, ‘nesting’ during pregnancy is when you have the overwhelming desire to clean and organise your home to get it ready for your new baby. Is it possible that at 30 weeks pregnant I could be nesting already?!

Actually knowing me it probably is! It’s no secret that my babies have been known to make early appearances…

I know that I have been told to take it easy by everyone but I literally haven’t stopped cleaning the house. I just can’t help it! I’m actually aching from how much cleaning I’ve been doing; I’ve sorted through all the cupboards in the kitchen, I’ve decluttered every room in the house and I’ve cleaned high and low. I lay awake at night thinking about how I’m going to decorate the house for goodness sake! I feel like I’m going crazy but something is telling me that I will feel more content once it is all done.

So I guess you could say that I am nesting.

With Kory being our first baby it came as a total shock to us when he was born 6 weeks earlier than expected and we wasn’t prepared for his arrival at all. Our family was so helpful when it came to helping us get everything ready for him but at the same time it was stressful feeling so out of control and an already upsetting situation to be in was made more difficult by the added worry of trying to get everything completed before it was time for Kory to come home. Because of this it’s really important to me that our home is ready this time round so that there’s nothing that needs to be done once baby K is here, so that the adjustment to becoming a big brother for Kory can be made as smooth as possible and so that we can just enjoy our new family life as a family of four without having to worry about anything else.

Also I’ve got an obsession with bubbles at the minute. Yes bubbles. I had the same obsession towards the end of my pregnancy with Kory as well. I can’t explain it, all I know is that I want to squeeze warm, soapy bubbles in my hands.

I think it’s safe to say that I am either nesting or that I have gone crazy.

Was you/are you in full blown nesting mode? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I was totally like this during my pregnancy! By 30 weeks I’d gone nuts. I never cleaned a kitchen or bathroom so much in my life 😂 I washed his clothes like three times too! ❤️

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    1. This is me right now! My bathroom has never looked so clean and my kitchen I am always cleaning! I really hate it being untidy. I keep sorting through all her clothes and I’ve even sorted through Kory’s wardrobe. It’s like I can’t just sit I’m looking for something to do all the time 😬 xx


      1. It’s nuts! But absolutely a blessing in disguise. I wish I could borrow some nesting energy! I’m unmotivated as heck ❤️

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      2. I’ve been the same up until recently. Gonna get what I can done why I have the motivation to! And no doubt I won’t have the time to do anything once she’s here Lol xx


    1. Haha I can relate! I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and keeping things tidy but even though I’m pregnant and have been told to rest I can’t help but clean! There’s no way I’d be able to relax until it was done anyway and even when I’m not cleaning I’m thinking about cleaning lol x


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