Saying goodbye to nursery

It only feels two minutes ago since I wrote all about Kory’s first day at nursery and yet Thursday was Kory’s last day there. I don’t even know how that is possible but I know that it was hard to say goodbye. I think it was even harder for me than it was for Kory even though he was the one leaving!

Kory has attended the same nursery since he was just 2 years old and now he’s almost 4 so the teachers and the little friends he’s made during his time there have been in his life for most of it and that’s what made Thursday such an emotional day. I was emotional on his very first day in the toddler room, I was emotional all over again when he moved up into the preschool classroom and I was an emotional wreck on his last day. I spent the majority of that day bursting into tears as I sat and thought about how it would be the last time I will get him dressed to go there, how it would be the last time I will walk him to that nursery, the last time I drop him off there and say bye to his teachers and the last time I would ever pick him up from there. I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry but when I walked up to the doors to pick him up for the last time the tears just started to fall. I couldn’t believe that this was it.

I am an emotional person anyway. Sad song on the radio? I cry. Heartfelt advert on the tv? I cry. Heck, I’m even crying as I write this post.

The days when both my children are at home with me and we’re all together are my favourite but Kory genuinely enjoyed nursery and although I missed him on the days he was there, I really loved his nursery too. I really loved the teachers and seeing how much Kory loved it too.

Kory, your teachers tell me that you love to play in the small world corner with the dinosaurs and the cars. (This doesn’t surprise me, you’re the same at home.) They tell me that you always enjoy your day when you’re there and they tell me that you’re always good. (Now this surprises me! Ha)

Kory leaving nursery really feels like the end of a chapter in his life. I still get upset when I think about all the things we won’t do anymore now that he’s left and how I don’t feel prepared for him to start reception in September when he will go to school full time and I will see him even less! I’ve heard some of the parents talk about how their excited for their children to start school properly and I’m excited too I suppose but I also feel so sad that this chapter of his life has come to an end.

It’s not so much the new beginnings that upset me, it’s the goodbyes.

Kory’s nursery has taught him so much and I will forever be grateful to his teachers for that. They tried so hard to make Kory feel comfortable when he initially struggled to settle when he first started there and we all wanted to cheer on the day he no longer cried when I dropped him off. They encouraged Kory who is particularly shy to join in and make friends, which he did, he now has more friends than me! His teachers have made endless paintings, pictures and memories with him. They worked so hard to teach Kory how to count, write and a million other things too. They have sung songs with him, played with him and read with him. The nursery also didn’t mind that I would ring up every single day he was there just to check he was okay. The nursery that made him feel safe and gave him a cuddle if he was sad. The nursery where he learned to share. The nursery that has helped shape him into the wonderful little boy he is.

I know how much Kory loved nursery and although he hasn’t cried, I know he will miss it. Even on those days when he would tell me he didn’t want to go. When I chose this nursery for him I knew I’d made the right choice. I have loved watching Kory grow and getting to know his teachers and his friends and their parents. It has been a pleasure.

Although Kory’s nursery days have come to an end (a day I thought was ages away but came round quicker than I could have ever imagined!) I am sure he will remain friends with the children he has gotten to know and love and continue to make even more friends throughout his schooling life. Kory’s nursery teachers have given him the best start in his school life and I will forever be thankful to them for that.

Kory, I wonder what you will remember about this as you grow older? I know your teachers and your friends will always remember you.

I am so proud of you Kory, thank you for letting me enjoy your nursery days with you.

Love always,

Mum, xo

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