Home schooling

Hi everybody!

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to write about this or not but a few people have asked Kory how has he found going to big school and they’ve looked a bit confused when he’s said ‘I haven’t gone yet.’ This post is basically just to sum up why that is.

I thought after coming back out of lockdown that my home schooling days were over with but then Kory didn’t get offered a place at his first choice school despite spending 2 years at the nursery there which he absolutely loved. I would just like to add that this was due to no fault of the school, they were just simply over subscribed this year and Kory just missed out which is unfortunate. He is currently second on the waiting list which is really good but as the reception class this year is already overpopulated, I’m not sure how long we could be waiting before a place becomes available and is possibly offered to Kory.

Even still, we have decided to wait rather than sending him to the other school where he was offered a place. Kory understandably didn’t want to go there and so I made the decision not to send him. In the meantime I will home school him or as a last resort send him to another local school that we were considering should a place become available there first.

I know children adjust but I know my child better than anyone and he doesn’t particularly cope very well with change. Some people might think I am being stubborn or even stupid by choosing not to send him anywhere at all but they haven’t had to look at their child and see tears in their eyes after they’ve been told they may not get to go to the school they always thought they were going to go to after all and that they may have to go to a different school to their friends. The same friends he’s gone to nursery with, played with and has done for 2 years.

Kory was really nervous after he left nursery when he realised he wouldn’t be going there again and that the next time he does go to school it will be ‘big school’ that he goes to but what helped him deal with that was knowing which big school and which children he would be with.

It broke my heart to see Kory so upset and not being able to fix this for him. So as far as I’m concerned those people can think what they like but I am not upsetting my son further and if that means that being home with me will be his education for the time being then so be it. Kory has only just turned 4 years old with him being one of the youngest and not to blow my own trumpet or anything but he is a bright child too so a bit of extra time at home with me before he does eventually go to school full time isn’t going to harm him and i’m going to make the most of this time with him.

So far at ‘school of mum’ we have been learning phonics, letters, words, painting, talking, reading, telling stories, making our own instruments, baking, playing educational games, writing and above all just PLAYING and having fun!

This is by far not how I ever imagined my child’s first term in reception but after many tears (from us both!) Phoning schools 17 times a day and having constant arguments with myself, this is what we have agreed is best for Kory. For now at least anyway.

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