It has been a while…

Well, it has been a while hasn’t it… I’ve taken breaks from blogging before but I think this is the longest break I have ever taken away from my blog since I started writing all those years ago.

I have to say, it feels good to be back already.

I wanna start by explaining my absence. You would think living through a worldwide pandemic and having to stay at home more would give me more time and the perfect excuse for me to write more but it actually did the opposite. Being home alone with two kids 90% of the time, trying to juggle taking care of them as well as playing, trying to keep them entertained, running a house and just trying my best to stay on top of everything proved to be quite difficult and didn’t leave a lot of time for anything else to be honest. Also, the longer I went without writing a blog post, the harder I found it to come back. I just didn’t know where to start.

What I described earlier might just sound to you like my usual, ordinary day to day life – which in a sense, yes it was but throw in trying to homeschool a 4 year old while running around after a screaming 1 year while I also try to make sure we all keep our sanity all at the same time added to everything else I was already struggling to keep on top of and made it even more difficult. I’m only one person and I honestly felt like I was trying to juggle so much, too much in fact, that I had to put my blog on the back burner for a while. Even if I didn’t want to, I had to focus on my kids first.

Today is actually Kory’s first proper day back at school now that they have reopened. (Yay!) Homeschooling hasn’t always been easy, there’s been tears from both me and Kory and however much I might be enjoying the quiet today, I also miss the chaos and I’m also incredibly proud of how well Kory has handled being off school and starting a new school. I love that boy. I wanna catch you up with all things surrounding our school situation, I think the last time we spoke I was appealing for Kory’s school place at his preferred school but that’s for another blog post. Which, now that Kory is back at a school, I’ve just the one child to keep alive, I don’t have to homeschool and I actually have a moment to myself, I promise all will be explained very soon. I’m quite excited to get back to writing actually, it has been wayyy too long.

How have you all been? Have you had to homeschool? How did you find it? Have your kids returned to school today also? If so, are you happy about that? I’d love to know!

So, I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, just a quick one to let you all know where I’ve been but more importantly to let you all know that I’m back! If you’ve missed me, I hope you will stick around to see what else I have to say.

As always, thanks for reading.

Kirsti, xo

2 thoughts on “It has been a while…

  1. I’ve been trying to get back into blogging for a while myself, but everytime I get a chance to write a blog post my brain just goes blank. Very happy to see you back xxx

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    1. I can relate to this so much! And then I find myself procrastinating and before I know I have accomplished nothing 😂😩 thank you so much it means a lot! I love reading your posts on Instagram and when you post on your blog ❤️ xxx


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