My perfect Friday night

It’s Fridayyy! Or should I say ‘Friyay!’ …Can I get an ORRRR YEEEAH!!

I think Friday is my family’s favourite day of the week. I know it’s mine anyway. It’s the last working and school day of the week for us which means no more rushed, p!ss wet through school runs to do for a few days for me and the kids and it’s the start of the weekend too. In our house it’s also the one day a week we treat ourselves to a takeaway. AKA ‘fat Friday.’ Which means this mum doesn’t have to make tea!

Kory is at school, Kora is napping on me and I’ve got that Friday feeling. It got me thinking what my idea of a perfect Friday night would be and how it might be different to how other people like to spend theirs. I’ve never been one for going out and drinking much – even before I became a parent and long before lockdown ever happened. It’s just never been my scene. I’m not a prude or anything, I like a glass of wine I just prefer to drink it in the comfort of my own home. Pre parent me’s idea of a perfect Friday night probably wouldn’t be much different to my idea of a perfect Friday night now, two kids later… I guess I’ve always been boring! Lol

I guess my idea of a perfect Friday night now would start with a lonnnng, hot bubble bath (ALONE! Without the kids barging in the bathroom and climbing in with me!) afterwards I’d get into some fresh, comfy pjs, maybe listen to some music while I put on a face mask and then order some of my favourite food to eat and while I wait for that to arrive, pour myself a glass of wine or a good cup of tea (depending whichever mood I’m in) and then kick back and watch something other than CBeebies on the tele.


I just realised I didn’t mention my family at all. LOL. Not that I don’t want them there, they’re there, they’re just leaving me alone. Hahah. Just kidding! If you read my blog, you’ll already know I love family time but I’m also a fan of ‘me time’ too and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Its Friday today and tonight I will still get to do all of the above that I described as my ‘perfect Friday night’, it’s just I get to do it once we’ve all already had our takeaway (kids choice,) once I’ve tidied back up again and once I’ve put the kids to bed. In a dream world it would be nice to just get to do it without all of the other responsibilities I have to do first. If that makes sense?

Our Friday nights as they are already are pretty awesome though. We’ll let Kory choose which takeaway we’ll have, we’ll all play on the Nintendo Switch together while we wait for our food and then once we’ve had our food, it’s bath and bed for the kids. Then it’s mum time! Pop that bottle of wine open or stick the kettle on Kirst and put them feet up, you’ve made it through another week luv!

I always look forward to a Friday night.

What would be your idea of perfect Friday night? Please do let me know!

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