How Kory finds life as a big brother

I was watching Kory and Kora play together this morning (nicely for a change!) and it got me thinking:

  1. How amazing he is at being a big brother
  2. How lucky Kora is to have such a caring big brother
  3. How lucky they are to have each other
  4. How blessed I am to have two beautiful children

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in our house and I’d be lying if I said it was. Truthfully, it can be like world war 3’s begun sometimes and I often here ‘MUUUUM, she’s just touched me!’ MUUUUM, she wants to play with MY toys, tell her she can’t!’ Usually right before Kora starts to scream the house down and one pushes the other over. But seeing them in those moments when they are genuinely getting along and listening to them play nicely, it really is heartwarming to see and makes me so proud as a mum and so proud of them.

Especially Kory.

Becoming a big brother can be hard but from the minute we told Kory he was going to be a big brother, before Kora even entered the world, he already loved her so much. He would always talk to my tummy, cuddle my bump and ask all sorts of cute questions about her. He couldn’t wait to become a big brother! People often commented throughout my pregnancy with Kora and would make comments such as ‘you’ve spent so much time with Kory just the two of you, don’t you think he’s going to be really jealous once she’s born?’ And I wasn’t worried about that at all, not one single bit because no-one knows Kory better than I do and I knew he wouldn’t be jealous of her. I knew we had nothing to worry about and I knew he would be the best big brother to his little sister. And even IF he was jealous, that’s only natural and we’d deal with that situation as best as we could when the time come but he’s never been that way with her.

We did lots of things to prepare Kory for his new role as big brother. We spoke about it lots, we took him to pottery and got him to paint a unicorn for him to give to Kora once she’d been born, we continued to do the usual things he enjoyed with him, both me and dad spent a lot of time together with him and each on our own as well and once Kora was born, we involved him in as many ways as we could. We would ask him to help us change her nappy, dress her, fetch bottles and he loved being hand ons with her. Of course having a baby means a lot changes but we did try our best to keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible for Kory and I really think we did a good job of doing that. He’s never felt left out or less loved, he’s never not had as much attention as his sister, they are both spoilt. Not with material things (okay – maybe a bit!) but with love.

Kory is honestly Kora’s best friend, biggest protector and most loving big brother a girl could ever wish for. As their mum, it is a privilege to watch them grow up together and see how close they are, they really do have the most beautiful bond, they are so alike it’s crazy! I hope they always remain this close with each other even as they get older.

Kory, you are the best big brother to your little sister. You are both so lucky to have each other. You will always be my first born, my first love, you are the one who made me mama but my heart is big enough for the both of you always. Kora, you are equally as special as you are my last baby, my last baby love, which means I want you to stay my baby for even longer!

Mummy is so proud of you both. To the best big brother and to the best little sister I have the pleasure of raising. I love you both all the world.

11 thoughts on “How Kory finds life as a big brother

    1. Aw really! Their relationship is so special, they have such a beautiful bond and I hope they’re always this close. I have a sister and there is a 10 year difference between us both! Thank you for your comment xxx

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