This mama’s out OUT

Yesterday I went out for food and drinks with the girls for the first time ever since before Kory was even born and he’s almost five years old now btw! Yes, it has been that long… I can’t say I have missed going ‘out out’ if I’m being honest because in all honesty, it’s not something pre parent me did often anyway. Don’t get me wrong, since becoming a mum I have been out with R, just the two of us or with our friends but just never by myself. Not because I can’t (well, Covid hasn’t helped with that recently) but because I do prefer to be at home or with my family.

Yesterday the weather was not on our side at all, it had been raining hard ALL day but it had been that long since I’d been out and I was looking forward to some well needed (and deserved!) time to myself that even if a tornado was to come ripping through I made sure I was going out yesterday. (Pass me a cocktail!) I went out yesterday because it was for my friends birthday and it was really nice to make an effort with my appearance, to get dressed up, put on a bit of make up and to style my hair. I felt really good about the way that I looked too and made sure to take lots of pictures to remember this rare moment as I usually just rock the mum bun every day! It was also nice being able to sit and have something to eat and drink without having to keep stopping mid meal to fetch one of the kids something and to be able to have an actual adult conversation without one of the kids interrupting. I think I’d forgot what that’s actually like!

I almost talked myself out of going (like I always do with everything) but I’m glad that I didn’t because it turns out that I genuinely had a lovely evening yesterday. I’m pleased to say that I’m not suffering from a hangover today either (just the thought of having to take care of both kids as well as everything else whilst being hungover sounds like my idea of hell tbh) but that’s not why I’m not hungover today. The table was booked for 3:00pm, I had my meal and a few cheeky cocktails (sex on the beach for me please!) and I was home for 6.30pm. I had a really nice night but going ‘out out’ isn’t really my scene and I felt like I was ready to come home after a few hours.

And I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some people might think I’m a bit like a grandma because I don’t wanna be out on the lash all night but I love nothing more than being at home. It’s not that I’m boring and don’t want to socialise or drink even, it’s just that I’d sooner do those things from the comfort of my own home and preferably in my slippers. Lol.

I called R and he came to pick me up with the kids. I was so happy to see them and they were so happy to see me. I’d had a great time but I’m happiest when I’m with my crazies.

I think if the offer to go out comes up again, I will definitely be saying yes instead of telling myself a million reasons why I shouldn’t go and should just stay in yet again. Going out gave me the perfect excuse to get dressed up and meant that I could socialise with people who aren’t my own two kids for a change. (Not that I don’t love that – but it made a nice change talking about something other than Minecraft and Blippi!) And being able to wear something other than my usual converse and leggings combo was a nice change too. Even if it means I will always be the first one to go home and pop my feet up with a brew before the night is over, that’s ok with me.

Until next time, I’m just gonna whack my house gown on and stick something else on the tele.

Thanks for reading!

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