Our favourite baby brands and why

We use so many different baby brands that I thought I would share a few of our favourites with you and explain why:

  • Mamia wipes (Aldi) – I always used Mamia wipes with Kory when he was a baby, we have tried other brands of baby wipes but I just prefer these ones. The wipes themselves have been so much softer on Kora’s skin and they are also a lot cheaper to buy.
  • Mamia nappies (also from Aldi) – When Kory was born, with him being premature, he was small and sometimes even some of the first size nappies were still too big for him! Pampers first size nappies fit him but we found that they didn’t seem to hold as much so we decided to try the first size Mamia nappies with him instead and they fitted him a lot more snug and also seemed to hold more than the Pampers nappies too. Ever since then, we’ve just always stuck with the Mamia nappies and that’s what Kora wears as well.
  • Sudocrem – This is a must have! Kora had a bit of a nappy rash and it was looking a little red but after using Sudocrem after just one application it soon cleared up and we still use it now to prevent any other future nappy rashes! We always used to use it on Kory too.
  • Baby comfort conditioner (Aldi) – This fabric conditioner smells so nice, it also costs just a fraction of the price of other branded fabric conditioners and it leaves Kora’s clothes feeling soft and smelling lovely.
  • Baby clothes (Next’s tiny baby range) – With Kory being premature, he wore clothes from the tiny baby range, we’d bought this size from a few different places but I have to say that Next’s tiny baby clothes fitted him much more fitted. Now that he’s bigger, we shop for clothes at lots of different places.
  • Supermarket kids clothes. (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Matalan, Morrison’s – just to name a few.) I love supermarket clothes for both kids, especially if there is a sale on! You can always find yourself a bargain. I also find the clothes always wash nicely as well which is really important to me as I’ve bought them clothes from other stores and they’ve shrunk in the washing machine!

Thanks for reading about our favourite baby brands and why. What are some of your favourite baby brands that you like to use and why?


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2 thoughts on “Our favourite baby brands and why

  1. I love the supermarket branded stuff! I absolutely love Sainsbury’s Little Ones range, but I used to be a fan of Asdas when it was closest to me (i think they’re nappies arent as good anymore so when I do go I don’t buy them unless desperate). And as for the clothing, most of supermarket branded & if he’s got anything from Next or Gap etc it’s something that’s come in a second hand bundle. I love a bargain too! 🙂

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    1. They’re such good value for money aren’t they! I always find that the clothing is really good quality too. I’ve always just loved Aldi’s nappies most, I just can’t fault them! Same here, 90% of the clothing I buy for both of mine is supermarket branded but we’ve had plenty hand me downs too and I’m not one to shy away from secondhand shops or Facebook market place either. There’s some really good bargains! Next clothes are really good quality but can be a bit pricey, when Kory was born he was 4lb 7oz and so tiny and none of the clothes we had for him fit and at the time (I don’t know whether this has changed since) but only certain places actually sold prem sized baby clothes and we found that Next had the most choice. You and I are both bargain hunters and there’s nothing wrong with that 😁


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