It’s my birthday!

Well, it was yesterday anyway but we had such a lovely, busy day that I’m only just getting the chance to actually sit down and write this post.

Yesterday morning I was woken by the kids who were eager to wake their dad also so that they could show me my gifts. Kory, bless him, had been dyinggg to tell me what my gifts were for a few days prior and almost crumbled a few times but had promised his dad he’d keep it as a surprise for me and he did. (Just about – had he had to wait any longer I think he might have exploded!) He did really well to hold it in for as long as he did though.

R had even gone to the effort of decorating the house for me with balloons and banners. I couldn’t believe it. All this effort just for me. I received some really beautiful gifts from R and the kids too. In particular, R had bought me a crystal jewellery making kit that I’d wanted for a while and Kory chose me a candle (because even the kids know how much I love a candle) and the cards I received from them had lovely, meaningful messages inside. Especially Kory’s card that he chose for me from him and Kora as it pictured a superhero mum on the front who he thought looked just like me. After opening all of my cards and presents, R made breakfast for us all before taking Kory to school for me. I was a little upset that Kory didn’t get to spend the entire day with me but I couldn’t let him have the day off as he’d been off school all week the week before with chickenpox and I didn’t really want him missing any more school – but I did get to see him once he come home from school again which was nice.

The day and the gifts didn’t just end there either. I received so many other nice cards and gifts from my family and friends too. My mum bought me lots of bath stuff, candles and wax melts, she knows I love anything like that and R took me shopping for the day while my Nan and sister took care of Kora for us. We went shopping for me but guess who ended up buying lots of things for the kids instead… That would be us. We’re hopeless and we always say we won’t but we always do.

We made the most of our very rare child free time. We went to Starbucks and actually sat down to drink! Our! Drinks! Most of the time the kids come shopping with us so it’s not often we actually get to sit down and enjoy our drinks, it’s usually more of a dash and go job! After that R took me to Pandora for a beautiful ring I had seen, he also surprised me and bought me two more charms for my Pandora bracelet. A lion head and a best mum charm. Then we went to Primark while I had a look around. R despises Primark but as it was my birthday he obliged LOL. We finished off by going to Five Guys for something to eat and drink before heading back home.

It really was the most amazing birthday. R always makes sure my day is really special. I love him and the kids so much. I owe a big thank you to all my family and friends for all their cards, presents and birthday wishes too. It means a lot to have so many people show they care, I feel incredibly fortunate to have so many people make an effort just for my birthday. I feel lucky to have each and every one of them in my life.

Here’s to being 27!

Thank you for reading all about my birthday.

Kirsti, xo

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