Happy anniversary

Yesterday marked mine and R’s 12 year anniversary and boy has that flown by.

Me and R have been together since the sweet age of 15 and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve basically grown up together, grown from teenagers to adults who are now responsible for our own little people who we made. Juggling work, home life and all other responsibilities. It’s crazy how much has changed over the years and how much we have changed as well. We don’t always get it right, we make mistakes but one thing that’s for sure is that we’re a team.

We have been through so much together. House moves, engagement, 2 kids later, our wedding being postponed (twice!) and many ups and downs over the years but the good has always out weighed the bad. Whatever challenges may have been thrown our way, we’ve got through them together and we always come out the other side stronger than we were before. We have always been there for one another and I really do believe that that’s why we are still together now, happily I’d like to add too and more in love than ever.

I never thought I could love R any more than I already did. He’s an amazing partner. He’s caring, he’s kind, he isn’t an asshole (ok, only sometimes… LOL Jk) he’s always there for me and he really is one of the good guys. He makes me laugh when I don’t even feel like I want to smile, he makes me feel beautiful and he’s my very best friend. I count my blessings every day that I get to call him mine and I love what we have together. I’m proud of the life we have built together. But then I watched him become a dad to our children, I seen the kind of dad he was and how good he is with our kids and I fell in love with him all over again and so much more.

The thing is, relationships aren’t always going to be easy. There are going to be disagreements and obstacles throughout but it’s how you face them together as a partnership that matters. Things aren’t always perfect but as long as you love and respect one another nothing else matters.

Looking through my pictures I realised that we don’t have many pictures together but that we have 1000s of pictures of the kids. It seems we don’t even have the time to even take a picture together these days and although life can feel a little hectic sometimes, I love R and the kids and our crazy but happy life we have built together and I wouldn’t change a thing.

There is no one else I would rather go through this crazy ride called life with.

Thank you for being in my life then, now and every day to come. Here’s to the next 12 years.

I love you.

Kirsti, xo

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