We’ve made it through another day

Not that I drag myself through every day, but it’s no secret that some days can be harder to get through than others. Some days require more patience and effort, patience and effort that we don’t always feel we have and the minutes can feel like hours as they slowly pass by.

For me, today has been one of those kinda’ days.

Despite actually getting quite a lot done this morning, time just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I would look at the clock and think to myself, how is it only dinner time? I felt like I’d been awake for 10 hours already. (I don’t think Kora being offside and waking the night before helped with that.) Unable to go anywhere as Kora now has the chickenpox and Kory is isolating from school due to a positive Covid case in his class, the kids were bored and fed up and so was I and the day just seemed to be dragging.

There are only so many hours of tv, school work and playing you can do before you run out of energy and even ideas of what to do next. Kory is sick of home learning, I’m sick of trying to be teacher and shouting and Kora just wants to cling to me. The kids were starting to get on each other’s nerves and then in turn, on mine but nevertheless, we made it through the day.

Parenting on any given day is unpredictable. You just never know what to expect. Is your kid gonna wake up in a good mood or are we starting the day with a tantrum and seeing the rest of the day go down hill from there? Will they eat what we make them for dinner or will they complain about every. Little. Thing? Will the kids get along and play nicely or is it going to sound like WWE Smackdown is happening right in your own living room.

Who knows.

Nobody knows and all any of us can do is just take it day by day, hope for the best and make it through the day. Some days we sail through smoothly and others we have to drag ourselves along but we do it.

We always do.

Just like we made it through today, we’ll make it through tomorrow.

We’ve made it through another day.

You and me both.

4 thoughts on “We’ve made it through another day

    1. Thank you! ❤️ I did and it’s not always easy but that’s what I need to remind myself, that I’ve made it through hard days before and that I can do it again xx

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