I did a thing

I know that I have been quiet on here for a few days and the reason for that is because I did a thing.

I started my own business!

I first became interested in crystals and their various powers after reading many health and wellness books and beginning to wonder about the other ways in which we can all help our minds, bodies and souls through love and positive thinking.

Crystals can be a great source of healing and love, amongst many other things and this inspired me. This was when I first began to make my own crystal jewellery for myself and then I felt ready to share my beautiful crystal creations with the rest of the world.

Thus, Power Crystals was born.

I make crystal bracelets, keyrings, necklaces, crystal jars and hopefully soon rings too in a wide range of different crystals. Each crystal has their own unique meanings and powers. I always say to choose the crystal you intuitively feel drawn to. If you are interested in purchasing one of my crystal creations or you’d simply just like to know more. I hope you will have a look at my page: Power Crystals and feel free to ask me any questions.

So yeah, I did a thing and so far it’s going rather well. I’m hoping to have a website and an Instagram page up and running soon for Power Crystals also. Right now, you can find us on facebook. I’m looking forward to continuing to work on Power Crystals alongside my blog and seeing what happens.

Thinking of doing something you’ve always wanted to? Make the move today! You never know just what might happen…

Thanks for reading,

Kirsti, xo

2 thoughts on “I did a thing

  1. I love this so much. I’ve been into rocks and crystals for years and have researched about their benefits and powers. I wear crystals everyday. I may just have to buy some things from you.

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