Returning to school

Last week Kory returned to school after what I think was actually a really good 6 weeks summer holidays. Does anyone else feel like some of the days throughout the holidays were really slow but the weeks were just so fast? I mean, how has it been 6 whole weeks since Kory was in reception class and now he’s beginning a brand new year in year 1.

It just blows my mind.

I was worried about how I’d fill so many days off together with things to do and places to go to avoid any boredom and being stuck in but we did go to some nice places and we even had a week away but the kids were quite good at entertaining themselves on those days when we were just at home too. Kory is a bit older now and he likes to play out with his friends and Kora is very much independent and will quite happily play with her toys by herself too so all of that helped make that worry quickly disappear. We did do so much together as a family during the summer and made so many new memories that I really feel that our summer was well spent, even when we were just at home, we were together and that’s what matters.

After a break away from school and learning, Kory was more than ready to return to school when September soon came around. I think a mental and physical break is crucial sometimes, even for kids. In fact, especially for kids. And I was actually on the ball with preparations this year too, no last minute rushing to the shops to find uniform for this mum! And it felt good knowing that everything was taken care of.

I actually thought Kory would have been a bit more reluctant to returning to school after being able to do pretty much whatever he liked (within reason of course) over the summer (I’m talking later bedtimes, staying in his pjs all day) but I was surprised at how excited he was to start back at school. Which of course is a good thing – no complaints here! Kory was excited to see all his friends again, to meet his new teachers and to begin his new adventure in year 1. And as much as I had not missed having to set an alarm in the morning (don’t worry, the kids still woke me early enough) or the mad morning rush trying to get everyone ready and out of the house for the school run and make it to school on time and as nice as it was just being able to take it day by day and not having to rush, I did miss having some sort of routine I’ll be honest.

It’s nice not having to do things but it’s also nice having to do things too if that makes sense? Of course I love when we’re all together as a family, I love a lazy day as much as the next person but the kids’ bedtimes were getting later and later despite them not sleeping in any later the following morning, which meant it was harder for me to find the time to do things that needed to be done, like the housework, which I try to do in the evenings so my days can be spent with the kids instead and the kids were getting grumpier simply through being tired. Everything just seems to run much more smoothly in our household when there’s a sense of order going on. But that break from the mundane every day is definitely appreciated, just every so often.

But yeah, back to the original point of this post – I guess I rambled on a bit there, didn’t I. Kory’s back at school in a brand new year and he’s loving it and I’m happy to have some normality again.

Just you watch, in a few weeks I’ll be ready to do f%ck all (whatever that is when you’re a parent anyway!) again and feel like throwing any routine out of window. I just can’t win.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope you’re all well. Have your kids returned to school yet after the summer? If so, how are them and yourself finding it? Please let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you!

Kirsti, xo

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