Kory’s first football game

Yesterday we took Kory to watch his first ever football game. It was actually mine and his dads first time going to a stadium to watch a football game too!

The team we support (Manchester United!!) were playing and some tickets to go and watch them play became available at R’s work (perks of the job!) which meant we had the chance to go, but not just that, we had the Executive Club tickets (very nice!) and as a first time experience for us all, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to go.

Before heading to the stadium to watch the game, we grabbed something to eat at Wagamama’s and then made our way over there.

Once there we made our way to our Executive Club Suite which had a bar area, food, free tea and coffee and window seats looking out into the pitch. We even got to see some of the footballers warming up! We were shown to our seats and then waited for the match to begin. The atmosphere when you walk out into the stadium is just absolutely incredible, everyone was cheering and it actually took my breath away. I never anticipated to feel that way and I was so happy that Kory was getting to experience this with us.

The match kicked off at 7:45pm and Kory was asleep by 8:15pm LOL but from what he watched of the game, he really enjoyed it. His face was a picture when the crowd was cheering and clapping and although Manchester United didn’t win the game or even score a goal last night, it was an amazing experience, one that we will all remember.

I’m not a die hard football fan, if Manchester United or England are playing a game and I happen to catch it on the tv then I will watch it and root for my team to win but as far as being a fan of the sport itself, that’s as far as it goes really but I have to say, I actually enjoyed going to watch the game a lot more than I thought I was going to. So much so, that me and R have actually agreed that when the tickets next become available – we will jump at the chance to go again!

Thank you for reading this blog post! Do you like to watch the football? Have you been to a football game? Would you like to go? Please let me know by leaving me a comment below…

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