Hi, I’m Kirsti-Marie but you can call me Kirsti, Kirst, Kir – whichever. Welcome to my blog ‘Life as The Lonsdales’ where I talk about motherhood struggles, honest parenting and everything in between. I started blogging on Instagram just for fun but after a while I decided I wanted to get more serious about blogging and that’s when I started using WordPress. I am engaged to my long term partner, Rory. We have been together since we were kids. I am mum to my beautiful children, Kory and Kora and I’m mum to our fur babies, we have 2 cats and 1 dog. If you follow my blog, you’ll be hearing a lot more about me, our family and what we get up to. Other than being a mum, I enjoy reading, blogging (obviously), binge watching netflix and shopping. Sorry if you were hoping for something a bit more interesting – I’m actually rather boring! If you’d like to know more about me or my blog, feel free to contact me.

Kirsti, xo