Kora’s birth story

I’ve been meaning to write and share with you all Kora’s birth story for so long. Having already documented Kory’s birth story I figured it was finally time to get round to documenting hers too because if not now, then when? At this rate she’s going to be 18 years old before I even publish it.

So here goes…

On the week leading up to my labour with Kora, I was having irregular contractions, regularly. I wouldn’t experience any contractions throughout the day but every night for a week, when I would be lay in bed the contractions would start and they would always get closer together and stronger too but each night I would eventually fall asleep and when I’d wake, the contractions would have stopped. It was quite frustrating. Each night thinking ‘oh this is it!’ To then realising actually, no it’s not.

Little miss sass pants has been keeping us on our toes since before she was even born!

Anyways, back to the story.

On Kora’s due date I happened to already have an appointment with my midwife scheduled that day who I mentioned the contractions to and who in turn then offered me a sweep at my appointment. I accepted. As I lay down and waited for my midwife to do the sweep I kept thinking to myself ‘I wonder if she’s gonna be born on her due date, I wonder if she’s gonna look like her big brother…’ the midwife had a look around but the sweep wasn’t required. I can remember the words my midwife said to me as clear as day, she turned and she said ‘you don’t need a sweep sweetheart, you’re already 6cm dilated and your waters look like they’re about the burst. You need to get yourself to hospital as soon as you can.’

I don’t know how I wasn’t aware of this but from there it all starts to get very real, very fast.

In shock, I walked home from the clinic, well, waddled home, and as I waddled I phoned R and my mum to let them know that I didn’t need a sweep and that actually I was already in the early stages of labour and that I needed to get to the hospital. Me and R dropped the big-brother-to-be, Kory, at his nannies and then made our way to the hospital.

On the drive there I remember thinking, very soon I’m going to have our baby in my arms and the next time I see Kory he’s going to be a big brother. I was so excited, bricking it but excited.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I was taken straight to a delivery suite and from there monitored. My midwife (who get this! Was called Cora! Like what are the odds that my midwife who was going to be delivering my daughter would share the same name as her?!) started to get everything and myself prepared for Kora’s birth. As she did this I was pacing the room backwards and forwards, I was bouncing on the birthing ball but still nothing was happening. After a while, I was still just sat through all my contractions and it seemed things weren’t progressing any further. So my midwife checked me over and I was still just 6cm dilated. So she offered to break my waters for me as they still hadn’t broken in the hope that this would speed things along. I won’t go into too much detail but I had my waters broke (ouch!) My waters never broke like they do in the movies when I was having Kory, my waters just kept leaking but with Kora, there wasn’t a lot of water but what water there was all came gushing out at once and it felt like I’d p!ssed myself! Yay

Once my waters had finally gone, the midwife said to me ‘I’m going to leave you here for a short while now and I’ll come back to check on you later to see if you’ve dilated any further.’ And I kid you not, she had barely even closed the delivery suite door behind her when I started screaming at R to tell her to come back. R ran after her and when she came back in the room she asked me if I was okay and I said (well more like screamed) ‘NO I NEED TO PUSH!’ And she said in disbelief ‘you need to push? Are you sure? Let me check you over.’ She took one look at me and she said ‘yes you need to push I can see your baby’s head.’ And within half an hour Kora Robyn Lonsdale was born weighing 6lb 3oz of pure beautiful.

The final stage of her birth all happened so fast. There was no time for any pain relief and it still all feels like a crazy blur to me. Nothing at all like my labour with Kory that was much slower and more nerve wrecking with him being premature. As soon as Kora was born she was placed straight on my chest and I finally got to have those precious first skin to skin snuggles that I dreamt of having with Kory but never got to have. I am so grateful that I got to experience birth for a second time, although agonisingly painful, equally as amazing and I got to have the birth experience I’ve always wanted. No NICU, no complications, just us and our baby. I am so thankful that I got to experience a less terrifying birth with Kora.

The most beautiful part of all of this for me though was when I got to see both of my children together for the very first time. Kory took to being a big brother like a duck takes to water, instantly the protective, amazing big brother I always knew he would be.

On the 13th of September 2019 at 5:37pm, Kora Robyn was born and she completed our family.

Things don’t always go to plan

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and that’s okay. On Sunday it was Easter and I had lots of things planned for us to do, I had the day planned out exactly how I wanted it to go and I was ready for a fun filled day with my family. Except nothing turned out the way I imagined it would.

Every year on Easter we have our yearly Easter egg hunt at home and lots of other Easter traditions we usually follow. We had our Easter egg hunt on the morning of Easter Sunday as we always do, the kids were so excited to see that the Easter bunny had been and it was wonderful to see how happy they were finding all of their eggs that were hidden around the house. But everything else that followed that day all went a bit pear shaped after that…

We’ve all had a bit of a cold (just to clarify – not Covid! Tested negative) and it seems I was putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself for us to have the ‘perfect’ Easter despite feeling a bit sh!tty. After our Easter egg hunt, I’d usually make a start on the buffet we usually have for dinner, there’s usually lots of party food, cake and treats for the kids but I simply couldn’t find the motivation to make one this year so instead the kids just ended up having a lunchable to eat. After that we played some games and it was soon time for tea but instead of our usual Roast dinner I would normally make at Easter, I just ended up making the kids some frozen fish fingers and smileys faces for tea as I just felt I couldn’t be bothered going to all the effort of making a dinner when my head was banging.

At the end of the day when it was time for the kids to go to bed, I was kicking myself for only doing the bare minimum of what I had originally planned for the day until Kory turned and said to me ‘Haven’t me and Kora been really lucky today.’ And that’s when I realised that:

1.) My kids are amazing.

2.) That I did not need to hold myself to an unrealistic standard.

Since then I’ve had some time to reflect, things don’t always go to plan and that’s okay. I’m allowed to take a step back and cut myself some slack. And that’s what I’m here to tell you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. As parents, we already juggle enough without giving ourselves a hard time. We owe it to ourselves to stop comparing ourselves to others and what they may have/do and focus on our own lives.

It really did not matter that our day did not go exactly the way I planned. The kids had ate that much chocolate they weren’t arsed about the party food and Kory always complains about having to eat my roast dinners anyway. In fact, they probably preferred the fish fingers and smiley faces!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes we can only do what we can, we cannot pour from an empty cup, forgive yourself for being human, everything does not need to be accomplished all at once and sometimes when you think you’re failing, you might just actually be winning.

Things aren’t always going to go to plan and that’s okay.


Hello everyone! Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I hope whatever Easter means to you, even if it just means ‘Sunday,’ I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Easter for us means family. We know the story of Jesus and why people celebrate Easter but we aren’t particularly religious so for us, Easter means family. It means family because R has a longer weekend at home with us and we all get to spend lots of time together as a family doing lots of fun things.

Since Kory’s first Easter we’ve sort of made our own Easter traditions that we have each year. We always make lots of Easter crafts on the run up to Easter, we bake, we always have our traditional Easter egg hunt around the house after the Easter bunny has been, we have party food for dinner and I usually make a roast dinner for tea. That was the plan for yesterday too however sometimes things don’t always go to plan… But that’s for another blog post.

What I loved most about Easter this year was that not only did I get to see the excitement on Kory’s face when he realised the Easter bunny had been, but I got to see the same look on Kora’s face too as she was old enough to join in with the egg hunt this year as well. As usual, they both ended up with a LOT of chocolate as not only do we buy a couple for them but so do our family and friends. Which brings me to my next point… I seen so many people complaining on social media yesterday about the amount of eggs people had chose to give their children on Easter and I would just like to say, it should not matter whether someone gives their child 1 Easter egg or 100 Easter eggs. I am sure the children will be happy either way – I know if I gave my children one egg each they’d have been just as happy. That is that parents individual choice and although some might say we go all out at Easter, I would not judge someone for not ‘going all out’ as that is nothing. to. do. with. me. Since when did everyone have an opinion on everything others do. Stop concerning yourself with what others do for THEIR children and if you’re a parent, focus on doing what you think is right for your own child. It doesn’t matter what others do. I don’t post a picture of my children’s Easter eggs to say ‘LOOK HOW MANY EASTER EGGS MY CHILD GOT!’ Or to make others feel bad. I have a lot of family and friends on social media who haven’t been able to see my children over Easter this year and have bought them gifts so I thought it would be nice if I could upload a picture to show them everything they got for them to see. If you’re a parent and it doesn’t make you feel good for seeing someone post a picture with how many eggs they got their child, let’s say they bought them a truck load and you’re not in a position to do that, please do not make yourself feel bad for that – Easter is not a competition and it is not about the Easter eggs, as long as you and your child had a nice day together, that’s honestly all that matters. Or if you’re a parent who has bought their child a truck load of Easter eggs – that’s okay BUT if you’re judging others for not buying their children as much, then you need to think about what that might be teaching your children. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that anyway!

So, yeah. We had a lovely Easter yesterday and I hope you and your children all had a lovely day as well, whatever your plans may have been.

Do you celebrate Easter? If so, how do you choose to spend the day? Do you have any of your own Easter traditions? Please let me know by leaving me a comment. Thanks!

For those of you that celebrate Easter, happy Easter for yesterday and for those of you that don’t, happy Sunday!

The Lonsdale’s, xo

Trying days

Me and the kids have had a lovely few days together over the past few days. We’ve been for walks in the sunshine, we’ve baked, painted, made Easter crafts and it’s been really nice.

I’ve actually enjoyed Kory’s time off school with him but despite the sun shining again yesterday – yesterday was different. Yesterday had been a really trying day. What I mean when I say ‘trying day’ is a day when I’ve really had to try to make the effort to do anything.

I woke up in the morning feeling really tired (which is never a good start to the day when you’ve got a full day of entertaining and taking care of two children) and the kids woke full of energy as they always do, raring to start the day almost immediately where as I still didn’t feel like I was ready to face the day even after my first cup of coffee which usually does the trick to be honest. But not yesterday.

From waking up, all day the kids wanted me to play – which I did for a while until I felt like I couldn’t any longer. After a sleepless night the night before with Kora, I just felt so tired yesterday. She doesn’t usually wake but that night she woke more than a few times (possibly teething?) and it must have took it’s toll on me. That’s the thing about parenting – it doesn’t matter that you didn’t get any sleep the night before, it doesn’t matter how tired, sick or fed up we might feel, we still need to push through the day and be okay because who else is going to take care of our kids? Kory is at an age where he can entertain himself but yesterday for whatever reason he had no interest in playing by himself at all and had wanted and needed me for every simple task he had to do.

I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a few times yesterday. I had to find the energy, the patience and the perseverance to deal with Kora’s 1000th tantrum of the day and Kory’s millionth ‘will you play?’ from somewhere, something I felt I really didn’t have yesterday and something I felt I couldn’t find. I shouted more times than I’d like to admit but I’d honestly had enough of sitting on Kory’s bedroom floor and playing with his toys with him, I’d had enough of Kora whining over me not giving her the ‘correct’ cup to drink from and I’d had enough of breaking up their fights.

Despite feeling so crap, I still made an effort to play, I still baked some biscuits with Kory while Kora napped but it seems that still wasn’t enough. I was hoping that maybe after doing so – I could sit down and just have moment. Let’s all laugh at how naive I was… Wishful thinking – I know. They both still required my attention just as much and I just could not, I had nothing else to give.

Sick of playing referee to the kids bickering and tired of playing with toys, I made lots of suggestions of other things we could do.

‘Shall we draw?’ No.

‘Shall we play on the switch together?’ No.

‘Shall we go for a walk?’ No.

It seems that they just wanted to drive me crazy and bounce off the walls at home. I don’t know where their extra energy came from yesterday, I’m convinced that they sucked what little energy I did have directly from my soul which in turn fuelled their energy even more. Me feeling completely drained and them having even more energy than usual was a bad combination.

The day did not get any better until R came home from work and I was able to get me and Kory dressed and out of the house for a walk. Kory protested but I made him anyway. We both needed to get out and we both needed the fresh air. I was quiet on our walk but Kory enjoyed himself as he always does whenever we go on an adventure and going for a walk always seems to clear my head too. When we got back from our walk, I came back feeling a bit better and I could tell by Kory’s mood that he was feeling better too. It was Kory’s bedtime then, both Kory and Kora went straight to sleep and I was finally able to sit down. And breathe.

We all have and will have trying days but it’s how we get through them that matters. Getting through a day like yesterday for some people might be to count down the hours until the day is over, for others it might be to try and make the day better. On those days when nothing feels like it’s going right, just know that you have the power to change your day around. I guess what I’m trying to say by writing this post is that tomorrow is always a new day but why wait for tomorrow when you can turn your day around today.

Yesterday WAS a trying day but it didn’t end as one and I’ve woke up today feeling much better about everything as well.

I hope you’re all okay. If you are having a ‘trying day’ what makes your day feel better? Please let me know by leaving me a comment.

Thanks for reading.

My perfect Friday night

It’s Fridayyy! Or should I say ‘Friyay!’ …Can I get an ORRRR YEEEAH!!

I think Friday is my family’s favourite day of the week. I know it’s mine anyway. It’s the last working and school day of the week for us which means no more rushed, p!ss wet through school runs to do for a few days for me and the kids and it’s the start of the weekend too. In our house it’s also the one day a week we treat ourselves to a takeaway. AKA ‘fat Friday.’ Which means this mum doesn’t have to make tea!

Kory is at school, Kora is napping on me and I’ve got that Friday feeling. It got me thinking what my idea of a perfect Friday night would be and how it might be different to how other people like to spend theirs. I’ve never been one for going out and drinking much – even before I became a parent and long before lockdown ever happened. It’s just never been my scene. I’m not a prude or anything, I like a glass of wine I just prefer to drink it in the comfort of my own home. Pre parent me’s idea of a perfect Friday night probably wouldn’t be much different to my idea of a perfect Friday night now, two kids later… I guess I’ve always been boring! Lol

I guess my idea of a perfect Friday night now would start with a lonnnng, hot bubble bath (ALONE! Without the kids barging in the bathroom and climbing in with me!) afterwards I’d get into some fresh, comfy pjs, maybe listen to some music while I put on a face mask and then order some of my favourite food to eat and while I wait for that to arrive, pour myself a glass of wine or a good cup of tea (depending whichever mood I’m in) and then kick back and watch something other than CBeebies on the tele.


I just realised I didn’t mention my family at all. LOL. Not that I don’t want them there, they’re there, they’re just leaving me alone. Hahah. Just kidding! If you read my blog, you’ll already know I love family time but I’m also a fan of ‘me time’ too and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Its Friday today and tonight I will still get to do all of the above that I described as my ‘perfect Friday night’, it’s just I get to do it once we’ve all already had our takeaway (kids choice,) once I’ve tidied back up again and once I’ve put the kids to bed. In a dream world it would be nice to just get to do it without all of the other responsibilities I have to do first. If that makes sense?

Our Friday nights as they are already are pretty awesome though. We’ll let Kory choose which takeaway we’ll have, we’ll all play on the Nintendo Switch together while we wait for our food and then once we’ve had our food, it’s bath and bed for the kids. Then it’s mum time! Pop that bottle of wine open or stick the kettle on Kirst and put them feet up, you’ve made it through another week luv!

I always look forward to a Friday night.

What would be your idea of perfect Friday night? Please do let me know!

One year on

Yesterday marked one whole year since our lives were turned upside down and we began our first lockdown. When it was announced that everything would be locked down; schools, work, parks and non essential businesses and shops would have to close, I don’t think I quite believed it at first and I definitely didn’t think we would still be where we are now a year later.

The world and how we’ve lived our lives ever since the first lockdown began has felt different, strange and surreal to me. I forget what we’re living through sometimes and then suddenly I’ll remember and feel a bit overwhelmed by it all.

This past year has been filled with so many ups and downs. I do try to see the positive with everything in life but throughout the pandemic, sometimes i’ve found remaining positive a bit hard.

  • We’ve had to reassure our worrying children
  • We’ve had to go without seeing our family and friends
  • Many people have been furloughed or asked to work from home
  • People have suffered from job losses and faced financial difficulties
  • And sadly some of us have lost loved ones

Adapting to life in lockdown hasn’t always been easy for anyone BUT despite the challenges we have faced we came together as one and faced the pandemic with kindness and strength.

  • We united in our goal to save the NHS and were successful. Thank you, Sir Tom and all our other heroes. We will never forget you and we will always remember your efforts, you are inspirations!
  • We clapped for our incredible doctors, nurses, key workers and children to show how much we appreciate all their hard work, dedication and/or resilience throughout the pandemic
  • We had to homeschool our children but that meant we also got to spend more time together with our children. We painted, we drew pictures and we made lots of memories
  • Our amazing scientists worked hard to develop vaccines to help us fight the virus and we’re now seeing progress
  • I believe that better days are ahead

Even though having to stay at home all the time was sometimes stressful (compared to a nurse or a doctor who has had to work frontline tirelessly throughout all of this I sound quite pathetic don’t I but truthfully, I did struggle some days) but it was during this time that I also got to make even more memories with my children and for that I am grateful. I have taken so many pictures and videos since last year and I thoroughly enjoy looking back at all the things we have done together and being reminded of what we have all been through and how we have all come out of this at the other side. I have all these memories to show my children when they are older of a time we lived through that we will all one day look back at and be like ‘omg can you remember when that happened?!’ Although this past year hasn’t been the best of times, I hope my children remember a happy time. Not a scary, worrying or sad time.

I think what I have learned most throughout this past year is that together we have faced what might be one of the toughest years of our lives but proven that when we face challenges together we can get through anything.

I am grateful for the lessons that this past year has taught me and I am even more grateful that myself and my family all have each other and our health.

What is something that you’re grateful for one year on from the first lockdown? Please let me know by leaving me a comment.

As always, thank you for reading and take care.

Kirsti, xo

What to watch; Marcella

I know I’m wayyy late on watching and reviewing this one, the first series came out in 2016 but apparently it takes about twenty years to start and finish a series when you’re a parent but nevertheless, I did finally get round to watching all 3 series of the ITV drama ‘Marcella’ and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this.

I love a crime drama and I also love Anna Friel so I was feeling pretty sure I’d like this series before I even delved into it and let me just say, it did not disappoint.

Anne Friel plays DS Marcella Backland who is portrayed as being a bit mean and moody and in my opinion, badass. As the series progresses, you learn more about Marcella’s life and you start to understand why Marcella is like she is. It’s because of this that I love her character; despite being deeply flawed, she is also passionate and fierce. Another thing to know about Marcella is that she suffers from a psychiatric disorder due to past trauma that causes her to black out during moments when she feels intense stress. This basically means that Marcella can suddenly ‘wake up’ hours after blacking out with no recollection of what happened, why or what she may have even done during that time. At one point during the first series, Marcella may even possibly be responsible for the murder of someone herself…

The programme ‘Marcella’ itself is dark, more than a little violent and sometimes even a bit distressing to watch but I don’t tune into a crime drama to feel uplifted. The first series is about hunting down a serial killer who likes to kill their victims by asphyxiation. Hardly keeping it light hearted are they? As someone who is quite easily spooked, you’d think I’d avoid watching something like this but this show appeals to my ‘imaginary’ detective side, I want to know more and I need answers. I love all the twists and turns of each series. Seriously, I was hooked to this show from the start.

So, those are my thoughts on the ITV drama ‘Marcella.’ If you too are a fan of crime drama like myself, I would 100% recommend this show to you. If you’ve already watched this show, do you agree? If not, what did you think of it?

I’m thinking of starting a ‘what to watch’ segment to my blog. A place where I share with you all what tv shows I’ve recently watched, what I thought about them and whether or not I would recommend them. What do you think? Is this something you’d like to read more of? Please do let me know and let me know what you think I should watch next by leaving me a comment!

As always, thanks for reading.

* This is not a sponsored post. *

Let’s get to know each other a bit better! Here’s some facts about me

I was debating whether to write this post or not. Firstly, I thought who would want to read random facts about me? Then I figured it may help you to get to know me a little more beyond just my blog posts.

  • My name is Kirsti-Marie but my family and friends call me Kirsti/Kirst/Kir.
  • I am 26 years old.
  • My birthday is the 1st of July.
  • My star sign is Cancer. I am very much a Cancerian.
  • I have been with my partner since high school, we have been together for 11 years this year.
  • My partner is also my best friend, we’ve been through so much together and I don’t know what I would do without him.
  • We’re engaged.
  • I’m currently a stay at home mum.
  • I have two beautiful children. A son and a daughter.
  • My children are perfect and as much as I love watching them grow, I want them to stay my babies forever.
  • My most important goal in life is to have a family and be the best mum that I can be.
  • I have a dog, Harley and 2 cats, Bobbins and Tilly.
  • I love animals.
  • When I was little I wanted to be a vet.
  • I’m actually quite a shy person, until I get comfortable around you.
  • I’m a bit of a loner.
  • I enjoy my own company.
  • My favourite colour is purple.
  • I have 5 tattoos but would like to have more.
  • I’m scared of the dark, spiders and Michael Myers from Halloween (amongst other things.)
  • I think my favourite food is pizza.
  • I cannot start my day without having at least one cup of coffee.
  • Autumn is my favourite season.
  • I don’t cope well with change.
  • I’m a bit of a perfectionist.
  • I hate mess.
  • I want to go back to college and study Childcare.
  • I’d like to be a Nursery Nurse.
  • I’ve always loved learning new things.
  • Although I don’t do it as much as I’d like, I love to travel.
  • I try to see the positive in everything.
  • My hobbies include binge watching tv shows and blogging.
  • I have moments of serious doubt with my writing. Sometimes I wonder, why do I do this?
  • I always compare myself to other people.
  • I love reading although I don’t have a lot of time to read these days.
  • My favourite thing to do is nothing. I love sitting around in my pyjamas with nothing else to do other than watch tv, eat and sleep. I’m a bit like a sloth.
  • I prefer a night in over a night out.
  • I’m good at giving advice but not at following my own.
  • I hope you enjoy reading this post!

So those were the facts about me, I hope this didn’t bore you too much!


What are some facts about you? Please let me know by leaving me a comment.

Less house, more home

I don’t know why but I felt compelled to write this blog post. As a mum, I do put a lot of pressure on myself to keep on top of everything. Some days I’m impressed by how much I actually accomplish – on these particular days me and the kids will have played lots, I’d have managed to make myself a hot drink (and drink it!) and the house will be gleaming (for about 5 minutes) and I’ll be feeling like a multitasking queen but there are also other days when the kids are screaming, the pots are piled high up in the sink and there’s washing to be done yet I just can’t seem to find a spare moment to get any of it done.

You see, this would have used to really annoy me, I used to hate the house being untidy but it just doesn’t bother me anymore. For me, I realised that there are more important things to do. Like spend time with family and do the things we actually enjoy doing. Now, I do like to organise and clean, I am naturally quite a tidy person and our house is by no means dirty but sometimes it is messy. Our house is by no means a palace. It isn’t big, it isn’t decorated in grey and white and kept immaculately clean at all times like these houses you see on social media but despite being small, it’s cosy. It isn’t decorated in grey and white but it is decorated to our taste, no matter how much cleaning and tidying I do, our house will never be immaculate but that doesn’t matter to me because our house is something much more important. It’s a home.

Please see pictured the shit we like to keep on top of the cupboards, random shite in front of bread bin and you can just about see kids toys stacked up over to your left hand side ready to be pulled back out all over the floor again.

Growing up, I’ve always been homely. I love being at home. My home is my safe place, my sanctuary and it’s where I love to be, surrounded by the people that I love the most. I can appreciate that these insta worthy houses that you see are appealing to the eye but none of that material stuff is really of any importance to me. All I’ve ever wanted for myself and my family is somewhere to call home and we’re lucky to have found that in the house we live in. I hope one day when my children are older they will look back on our home with fond memories and I hope they always come to think of this place as home, their home.

So, if you ever find yourself giving yourself a hard time over the house work that you haven’t quite had chance to do, or that bit of wallpapering that you know needs doing, don’t look at the beautifully furnished houses online and compare your home to theirs or wonder how they seem to be able to keep on top of everything while you are surrounded by never ending chores. You aren’t failing. You’re probably putting yourself or your family first instead of washing the dishes. Not that anyone should have to live in a filthy house or that I’m judging anybody that does have a beautifully decorated, perfectly spotless house, if that’s what makes them happy in life that’s absolutely what they should have but if you’re happy and your kids are happy then honestly what does it matter that you might need to mop the floors. If you ever feel like things are starting to get on top of you, just chuck on your coat, go for a walk, clear your head and then come back home. The house work will still be there when you get back but you’ll feel more up to doing it. The way I see it is that painting that picture or baking that cake together is so much more important than putting that pile of washing away, the house work can wait. When your children grow up, they won’t remember how clean your house was but they will remember all the fun things that you did together and a parent who always spent time with them. Our homes probably won’t be featured on any Mrs Hinch fan pages any time soon but that’s perfectly fine by me because I love my home, even the doggy nose prints on the window and that’s all that matters.

So, if you ever come to our house please be prepared for toys all over the floor, pet hair and paw prints. We are no means dirty or cluttered but we do have things on display, pots in the sink sometimes and clothes that need to be put away. But to us, it’s home.

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I really wanted to pop on and wish you all a happy Mother’s Day but Kora was feeling a bit unwell and was extremely clingy which meant I was unable to.

Sorry about this.

I’m not even sure what was wrong with her, she just had a temperature and a bit of a runny nose but it seems that both of those have disappeared now and thankfully she’s feeling much better today (phew!) Don’t you just hate it when your children are unwell? For me, seeing them unwell always makes me feel so helpless. Kora’s 18 months old now and this is the first proper time she’s ever been poorly – trust it to land on Mother’s Day of all days! The one day I might actually get to put my feet up for once! Ha ha. But I suppose that’s just the way it goes. Because being a mum never stops does it, not even for a day. Nevertheless, I still had a really lovely Mother’s Day yesterday.

I remember writing about Kory’s first time being ill and I was thinking of doing the same for Kora. Is that something you would be interested in reading about? Although I feel helpless when my children aren’t themselves, I like writing about all our experiences and all their ‘firsts’ (even the not so great ones) because I like to look back and I want to remember everything.

I got totally off track there – back to the point of this blog post – Mother’s Day. So although I had a grumpy and clingy toddler to contend with yesterday, it was still a wonderful day. I was given some lovely gifts, Kory made me a beautiful drawing and card at school, I had breakfast in bed and I even had dinner made for me too. It’s just nice to feel appreciated. Being a mum isn’t easy, in fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s not that my kids are little terrors or anything; it’s the pressure we put on ourselves to be the best we can be, it’s all the responsibility that comes with being a parent and in my personal case, the doubts of whether or not I am actually in fact enough. So for one day, however brief, it’s nice to have some of that load lifted off.

I hope you all had a wonderful day too whatever your plans may have been. Please let me know how you spent the day by leaving me a comment. I understand that Mother’s Day means different things to different people. Whatever Mother’s Day means to you, I was thinking of you all yesterday and wishing you all the love.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Kirsti, xo