Happy Easter!

What a lovely bank holiday weekend we have had! The weather has been so gorgeous and warm which means we haven’t just been stuck in the house all weekend for a change! We’ve been able to walk all up the fields with dog every morning, we’ve had the paddling pool out for Kory and we have been playing out in the garden in the sunshine every day!

I love that Rory has been off work and home with us for a few days because a lot of the time it’s just me and Kory and we miss spending time with him so more than anything I’ve really enjoyed spending time with my family this weekend.

Yesterday we decorated Easter bonnets together. I promised Kory the night before that in the morning he could decorate his Easter bonnet and he did not forget (I swear this kid doesn’t forget a thing!) and he took what I said quite literally too and first thing Saturday morning we was up out of bed and Easter bonnet decorating!

Check out that bed head!

Today is Easter Sunday and the Easter bunny has been to our house! This morning we had our yearly Easter egg hunt that has become a sort of tradition of ours, ever year I leave little notes around the house telling Kory where to find his next Easter egg and this year he was so excited to join in and he did so with very little help from us too!

And of course after finding all of the eggs we had chocolate for breakfast because well… It is Easter after all!

And that’s not all… I have made us a buffet for dinner and plan to do some baking with Kory this afternoon before we head out this evening for our friend’s birthday meal.

So that’s been our weekend so far, we’ve been busy busy busy! I hope you have all had a nice weekend and a lovely day today also. Happy Easter, Everyone!

The Lonsdales, xo

Eggcited for Easter!

I am so excited for Easter!

I love Easter because for me, it means spending time with my family because Rory has a rare, long weekend at home with us and we usually have lots of nice things for us to do planned but I’m even more excited for Easter this year because Kory is that bit older and he is looking forward to Easter as well. He has been asking me for weeks now when is the Easter bunny coming and will he bring him chocolate eggs if he’s a good boy!

And obviously there’s chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate…

This year, like every year, we plan to have an Easter egg hunt at home for Kory. I’m also going to put on a little buffet for him and we’re going to decorate Easter bonnets together. On Easter Sunday I would usually cook a roast dinner for us but this year, it happens to land on our friend’s birthday so we’re actually going to be going out for a birthday meal instead that evening so that will be a nice change. (No washing up for me at least anyway!) On the Saturday, we are taking Kory to an outdoor Easter egg hunt, it’s the same one we’ve taken him to for the past two years in a row but the grounds where the Easter egg hunt takes place are lovely so it’s a nice walk around for us and Kory really enjoys taking part and he loves being outside too.

We still needs plans for Good Friday and bank holiday Monday but I’m sure we’ll be able to sort something out!

So that’s our plan for the Easter weekend so far. What do you like most about Easter and how will you be celebrating?

Happy Mother’s Day

I have been well and truly spoilt by my boys today. I am so lucky and beyond blessed to have both of them in my life. My partner because without him I wouldn’t have my son and my son, Kory, because without him I wouldn’t be mum.

I woke up this morning and was instructed to stay in bed so I started the day by watching tv in bed, I had breakfast made and brought up to me and I was given some lovely gifts to open too which was really nice. When I did eventually come downstairs, the house had all been cleaned and tidied and there wasn’t a single thing that I needed to do so I literally haven’t moved all day. But get this, it gets even better than that, I’m also being taken out for my tea later as well!

I am definitely feeling the love today!

From the minute I get up out of bed, every day I usually run around like a headless chicken trying to make sure that everything is done and taken care of; that Kory is fed, watered, cleaned and dressed which is a challenge in itself when he doesn’t want to have a wash or brush his teeth or when he would rather kick me than put on pants. Making sure that the house is cleaned and tidied, not that that’s majorly important but I just hate the mess and would rather get it out of the way which is easier said than done when you have a toddler that just wants to play, then the mum guilt sets in… Even the pets need feeding, brushing and walking. So where do I come into all of this? Well the truth is I don’t! It’s actually quite difficult trying to juggle everything on your own whilst still trying to be the best parent that you can be. There isn’t time for anything else. Being a mum is by far the hardest thing that I have ever had to do but it’s also the best and most important thing too but that doesn’t make it any easier. So it’s nice to be appreciated and to not have to worry about all of that stuff for just one day.

So today in honour of all mums; working mums, stay at home mums, our own mums, those that are with us and those that have sadly passed, step mums, foster mums, nans or anyone who has just stepped in and been a mum. Today is for you. Today is for us.

Let’s celebrate being mums by putting our feet up with a brew and letting someone else look after us for a change! I think we’ve earned it.

Why I want another baby


Kory is 2.7 years old now (Where has that time gone?!) and I can remember going to the hospital and being in labour like it was just yesterday. Many people say you forget about the pain that you endure during delivery and even afterwards over time but I can honestly say that I have not and it’s something that has stuck with me and i’m sort of glad that it has. It’s not an experience i’d like to forget. Even if it wasn’t always pleasant but despite this, this has not put me off wanting just one more baby.

I think i’ve always wanted one more baby. I can remember feeling so overwhelmed after delivering Kory and even crying because the experience was over with, not just out of relief but because I was sad that I would never get to deliver him again. (I can’t explain this one, crazy hormonal women think crazy things!) But that’s how I felt. When I looked at him, touched him, held him and smelled him for the first time everything just faded away, that moment was so special, nothing else in the world mattered and i’ve always craved to feel that again. Watching him grow up has been so bittersweet. It’s been incredible to watch him learn, grow and reach milestones but at the same time, i’ve always felt a little sad too that I won’t get to watch him achieve these things for the first time ever again. I also loved being pregnant and was sad when my bump disapeared even though the baby that I grew was now in my arms. As well as all of this, I’ve always known that I wanted a sibling for Kory to grow up with, play with and share memories with too.

So call me crazy because i’ve already got my hands full with a very adventurous, independent and strong willed 2 year old that drives me up the wall daily but I want another baby and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Newborn babies smell sooo good. New babies just have this heavenly smell and I could just breathe it in all day. I don’t think I stopped sniffing Kory or his clothes for weeks!
  • Snuggles. New babies with their soft, smooth skin sleep a LOT which is the perfect oppurtunity to dose up on those snuggles. Everything else can wait! I’m so glad that I made the most of Kory being little and snuggled him at every chance I got. Now that he’s a constantly on-the-go toddler, the only time I get to snuggle him properly is when he naps – which is never by the way.
  • Newborn babies are the sweetest. Most people will tell you that the newborn stage is the hardest stage; lack of sleep, night feeds, ect and it is tough but don’t listen to those people. I would swap toddler tantrums for night feeds any day of the week! A newborn baby has never screamed at me because I told them that they couldn’t have sweets until they’d ate their dinner…
  • Re-using newborn items again. I kept so many of Kory’s blankets, teddies, clothes and baby grows from when he was a baby. I even kept his prep machine! I’m not one to be wasteful and just felt like I couldn’t part with them so kept them should the time come that I will be able to use them again. Re-using Kory’s old baby grows and clothes would be so cute to see another addition wearing them, being able to take pictures, putting them side by side and looking at the comparisons.
  • Play mate. I would love nothing more than to give my son a friend for life, a play mate and who better than his own sibling!
  • There is no greater love than the love that you have for your children. Parenting has its challenges for sure but the pros far outweigh any cons.

 So call me crazy but I want another baby and those are my reasons why.


Meal planning

Usually I would struggle every day to come up with different meal ideas and lacked inspiration as to what to cook for my family which is a shame really because I actually really enjoy cooking for myself and for others but I started to get bored of it and the meals I was cooking. I don’t know about some of you but I felt like I was making the same meals every day and I was getting fed up of cooking them and even eating them which is one of the reasons why I decided to start meal planning. Meal planning is something that I have only very recently started to do and now I’m asking myself why has it taken me so long to start doing this?! Already I have found that it has helped me to come up with and make it easy for me to plan what meals I am going to cook for my family and because of this I’ve started to really enjoy cooking again as well.

By writing down what foods need to be eaten and what meals I can make with them each week has really helped with that, it has also helped to keep the cost of our weekly food shop down and to cut down on the amount of food that was being thrown out and just going to waste! We tend to bulk buy a whole lot of meat once a month which costs around £60 as we found that this saves us money. We then freeze it all and then just defrost what food we are going to use every other day or so and then each week when we go food shopping just buy foods to go with it but because I didn’t have a clue what to cook, I was just throwing all sorts into my trolley and still spending £70+ a week on food and that was without even buying meat and we was still throwing so much food away! Compared to now where I’m spending around £40-£50 a week on food and there’s hardly any going to waste.

So far this week I have cooked homemade lasagne with garlic bread, chicken casserole with vegetables, sausage casserole with mashed potatoes and shepherds pie and it’s cost next to nothing! I’m really enjoying experimenting with different recipes, cooking and trying them and best of all – eating them!

Does anyone else plan what meals they are going to make throughout the week? What meals do you like to cook for you and your family?

A new day

The next day was a new day and I was hoping (more like praying!) that it was going to be a better day than Monday. I suppose anything was going to be an improvement compared to the day before but i’m happy to say that Tuesday actually got off to a really good start. If you read my previous blog post What a day you will know that I had a pretty horrific day with Kory on Monday.

He behaved quite badly and afterwards I disciplined him the best way that I knew how which was to take his things away from him and totally ignore him for the rest of the day and it was hard to say the least but I stuck to it and I’m glad I didn’t give in because it must have worked somehow. I’m not saying that Kory is never going to throw another tantrum because let’s be realistic but since our ordeal, Kory has been more like his usual, happy self, he’s been listening to me and there has been zero screaming and shouting so I would say that’s an improvement.

I’m actually quite proud of myself for the way that I handled and dealt with the whole situation. I very easily could have lost my sh!t and screamed right back at Kory but instead I tried to remain as calm as I could considering. I feel like Kory’s bad behaviour had been leading up to that day, it started off with a little answering back and shouting here and there and I probably should have been stricter from the start but for me, he crossed the line on Monday and that was the last straw. I knew that something needed to be done and I feel like his punishment was necessary.

I’m really hoping that this good behaviour continues but for now, I’m going to put my feet up with a cup of coffee and flick through the tv. I think I’ve earned it.

When your children act up in public, how do you deal with the situation? How do you discipline your young children? It’s a hard one isn’t it and it’s something that I’m still figuring out.

What a day

What a day Monday was. I woke up and started the day with every intention of having a nice day with Kory. Despite having a late night the night before, he actually woke up in a pretty good mood. We had breakfast, we got ready and I took Kory to football like I do every Monday and my mum and grandad decided to join as well so that they could see Kory play as they hadn’t been before, which I thought – well that’s going to be nice for everyone!

And it was, for the first 20 minutes or so until Kory started to behave like a complete and total brat. He was shouting, screaming, pushing, he wouldn’t listen and he was smacking me too. It got that bad that I ended up leaving early and making Kory leave too which he didn’t want but I also wasn’t going to stand for that sort of behaviour. I can honestly say, in his whole two and a half years of being here he has never behaved so badly and I wasn’t paying for him to go to football for him to ignore everything anyone was saying to him and I certainly wasn’t rewarding that sort of behaviour or allowing it.

Humiliated, angry and upset, there was lots of tears from both Kory and from me! Kory had pushed every single one of my buttons and I just wanted to go home. My partner rang me just to ask if we were both okay and I broke down on the phone. It was awful. Who knew a two year old could make you feel so frustrated!

I’d like to say that things improved once we got home but they did not. I don’t believe in smacking Kory, that’s just not my way of disciplining him. Instead, his punishment was to have his iPad taken away, he wasn’t allowed any sweets, chocolates or treats and he was to stay in his bedroom but that didn’t stop him from asking for them or for throwing yet another tantrum when I refused. I don’t enjoy disciplining Kory, I’m sure no one else enjoys disciplining their kids either but I suppose it’s a part of parenting. It’s just a part of parenting that I don’t find fun and find really hard to do but if Monday taught me anything, it’s that I needed to stick to my guns if I wanted to nip this behaviour in the bud right away.

I don’t think I’ll be able to show my face at football next week. When Kory was behaving like he was, I felt like everyone was looking over and judging me as well as Kory. He was the only one misbehaving! Why did it have to be my child that couldn’t just behave?!

So that was our Monday. I hope you all had a better Monday than I did!

Date day

Over the weekend me and my partner, Rory, had a well needed date day. It had been a while since we had spent any time together just the two of us and it was nice.

I love Kory to pieces but sometimes you just need that time to yourselves to be reminded that you’re not just parents, you’re still a couple too. Which can be hard to remember when it’s been so long since you last spent any time together properly. I remember before we became parents, date days/nights were a weekly occasion and now it’s once every so often when we finally get to do anything together. It’s hard to find the time; work gets in the way, life in general, parenting and before you know it it’s been months since you last did anything or went anywhere as a couple. Not that I would change a single thing about being a parent but when you’ve just been ‘mum’ all day, every day for weeks, it’s nice to be reminded that you’re still an individual too.

We had a really nice day together, we had dinner at Handmade Burger Co the food was delicious and very inexpensive for us as my mum had bought Rory a voucher from Wowcher for 2 to eat here for his birthday in January that we had only just got round to using! So we only had to pay for our sides and drinks. After that we headed into town to do a little bit of shopping and even though Kory wasn’t with us, we still came home with a new toy and some new trainers for him!

We don’t always get to do things like this as much as we’d like to but it’s always really nice when we do.

* This is not a sponsored post. *


My Monday’s are usually spent trying to get the house clean and tidy after the weekend as I don’t really like to do the housework over the weekend because I’d much rather spend my time with Kory and Rory as that’s the only time that we all really have together.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Kory attends nursery, he only does two morning sessions and finishes by dinner time but by the time I’ve got him home, made him some dinner and got him changed out of his school uniform and into his pyjamas, it’s already the afternoon and more often than not he’s too tired from being at school to want to do anything anyway and normally I spend my Fridays food shopping and running errands.

So on Wednesdays I especially like to make sure that me and Kory do something together that’s just the two of us, we normally go to the park, to the café or for a walk, I usually leave it up to him and let him decide how we spend the day so today when I asked him what he would like to do he said he wanted ‘chips and toy!’ Which in Kory language translates to McDonald’s. So today I went for a McDonald’s date with Kory.

After getting dressed, we got wrapped up and headed out for a walk to our local McDonald’s. Whilst there we spoke about school, our upcoming holiday, things that Kory’s likes and what he would like to do once we got back home and it was nice.

So that was our Wednesday. I wonder what we’ll get up to next Wednesday… How was your day?

Monday blues

Yesterday was Monday and normally I would have the Monday blues. I love the weekends and spending time together as a family, in fact that’s the only time we get to spend together as a family so I always try to cherish the weekends but I still always end up feeling sad when Monday comes back round because that means Rory is back at work, Kory is back at school, I’m back to being on my own again and even though I have Kory, it gets lonely sometimes and I have a whole week to wait until it’s the weekend again! And boy, does Monday come round fast!

But how could I be sad when this one is being such a sweetheart?! I mean look at that little face! Like butter wouldn’t melt! What an angel he is being!

It was only the other day I was complaining about Kory’s behaviour but he’s honestly being such a well behaved little boy recently and it makes me so proud. Proud of him and proud of myself because even though I doubt myself on a daily basis when it comes to parenting, I must be doing something right when it comes to raising my son because he is kind, loving and caring and it shows.

I know this is probably just a wonderful phase that he is going through at the minute and that I’m probably going to be in for a sh!t storm soon but let this mama have her moment!